Banco24Horas offers solutions that promote financial autonomy in the lives of 152 million Brazilians and has processed more than R$ 3 million in cryptocurrency withdrawals through a partnership with the multi-currency digital bank Capitual, which is connected to ATMs through the HubDigital platform .

Capitual's customers convert the cryptocurrency into reais through the bank's own app and withdraw it through Saque Digital at one of the more than 24,000 Banco24Horas ATMs located throughout Brazil, using only their cell phones and the generated QR code.

Through a partnership that began in late 2020, people from 24 cities have been able to use their cryptocurrency assets in cash in their local economies.

With the popularity of cryptocurrencies, HubDigital has expanded its partnership with cryptocurrency banks to offer Banco24Horas national connectivity and capillary role for investors looking to trade with their cryptocurrency assets.

“A large number of cryptocurrencies are being built around the world and we are able to connect the physical and digital, allowing cryptocurrency banks or fully digital institutions to convert digital assets into cash in the hands of their customers, facilitating a hybrid experience or TecBan Digital Platform Manager Luiz Fernando R. Lopes said.

“Banco24Horas’ 24,000 ATMs elevate Brazil to one of the countries with the largest number of ATMs in the world that offer cryptocurrency asset withdrawals converted to local currency. Gustavo Rezende, Capitual’s chief operating officer, said that for cryptocurrencies to grow further in popularity, they must begin to leave the exclusive investment space and become a means of payment for the economy.

“It is with this vision that we emphasize the importance of the partnership between Capitual and TecBan, as it allows our users to withdraw their investments in shopping centers, on the street, in convenience stores in order to make ordinary payments”, he concluded.

About the new TecBan platform

For 39 years, TecBan has been developing technological solutions that contribute to the convergence of the physical and digital, thus making the Brazilian financial ecosystem increasingly efficient.

Over the past decade, the company has invested more than R$4 billion to guarantee financial inclusion for all social classes in all regions of the country.

TecBan's new Platform business unit was established in 2018 to create business models and develop innovative products and solutions that connect people with their financial resources.

The portfolio of new platforms includes HubDigital, created in 2019 and designed to simply and quickly connect digital banking and fintech to Banco24Horas, Saque Digital, a commercial cash payment solution through the institution's app and through a token for unbanked individuals or based on some immediate need, where people can withdraw funds directly at partner commercial institutions, and TecBan, an Open Banking as a Service, a platform designed to enable and accelerate the effective integration of financial institutions with the ecosystem.

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