The popular cryptocurrency tracking service Whale Alert detected three cryptocurrency transactions carrying large amounts of BTC.

According to several tweets posted by the platform, several large blocks of bitcoin (carrying nearly 10,000 BTC each) have been withdrawn from Coinbase, a publicly traded cryptocurrency exchange in the United States, in the last 10 hours. The total amount of cryptocurrency transferred to the anonymous wallet exceeds $1.17 billion.

Whale Mobile 30,000 BTC

Whale Alert has detected three large bitcoin transfers from Coinbase to anonymous cryptocurrency addresses. In each case, the volume varied in the range of 9,850-9,900 BTC, totaling nearly 30,000 Bitcoins.

BTC_Coinbasewhales Image from Twitter

Prior to that, Whale Alert also found that a total of 2,102 BTC was transferred from anonymous wallets to Coinbase in two transactions: 1,440 BTC and 662 BTC. The total value of this fiat cryptocurrency was $81.4 million.

Bitcoin down 8% in three days

Over the past few days, the leading digital currency Bitcoin has been losing value. Since March 9, it has fallen more than 8%, from $42,540 to the level of $39,072, and at the time of writing, BTC was trading on the Bitstamp exchange.

"Bitfinex BTC Short Interest Explodes"

Two sources on cryptocurrency Twitter say the number of BTC shorts on the Bitfinex exchange is exploding.

Chinese cryptocurrency journalist Colin Wu and on-chain analyst Cole Garner cite the Datamish platform, which aggregates data on cryptocurrency longs and shorts.

Wu reports that in the last few hours, several large investors, which he believes may be financial institutions, have borrowed about 1,500 bitcoins to open short positions.

The journalist highlighted that 3,063 bitcoins had been lent when the tweet was published.

Garner shared a screenshot of Datamish, who believes surrender may be imminent.

#Bitcoin bitfinex Short-term price explosion

Don’t want to say that, surrender is coming