Key Facts.

  • Libran diplomat visits El Salvador and donates 1 bitcoin to hospital.
  • Liberland seeks to learn from El Salvador in its adoption of Bitcoin.

In the heart of Europe, on the banks of the Danube between the countries of Croatia and Serbia, is the Free Republic of Libran, a country founded in 2015 and just over 7 square kilometers in size, where free citizenship is a top priority.

"People want to be part of something new and important, and they want their voices to be heard," said Joey Langenbrunner, Libran's representative in the United States, who was interviewed after his visit to El Salvador.

Liberland is a state that provides freedom for its citizens. As they say on their website, their "motto is 'live' and prioritize people's personal and economic freedom; this includes limiting the power of government to ensure less interference with the freedom of individuals and the state as a whole (…). …)."

On what Liberland must offer to people around the world, Langenbrunner commented.

I think it’s important for people who are seeking to acquire citizenship to understand the values of the country. There are a lot of people who are looking for freedom, transparency, freedom of expression, you know? In many countries, people have questions about that. So when you have those inspiring values, you can attract a lot of people.

Joey Langenbrunner, Liberland Representative in the United States

As Bitcoin was declared legal tender in El Salvador, representatives from Liberland have visited the country to learn about the experience.

Langenbrunner commented to CriptoNoticias that Bitcoin is something natural and inevitable. "I think it's a natural evolution for humans because the currency is now becoming the best currency for Bitcoin and we're seeing an evolution," he said.

While Bitcoin is accepted in Lumberland, the official currency of the country is the Lumberland Merit cryptocurrency (LMM), which is issued by the country's government as a token for the Bitcoin Cash network.

However, this token would be more useful as an asset for state governance, and based on El Salvador's experience, Libran could be more open to Bitcoin (BTC) as a currency for local commerce.

El Salvador's Health Bitcoin

Langenbrunner explained that the Liberland Aid Fund donated 1 BTC to the Benjamin Bloom Children's Hospital, which was almost immediately invested in improving the health center in San Salvador.

This donation was made during the so-called Bitcoin Week in November 2021.

I am an investor in Liberland Relief Fund, a non-profit organization based in the U.S. We are the humanitarian arm of Liberland, and we opened the foundation as a citizen. We wanted to share our libertarian idea that the free market can help society. When we heard about the adoption of bitcoin in El Salvador, we raised over 1 bitcoin and made our first donation. That was when the bitcoins were over 50,000, so now it’s a little less.

Joey Langenbrunner, Liberland Representative in the United States

Enjoy the full interview with Joey Langenbrunner on the CriptoNoticias YouTube channel.