About Bright Data Affiliate Program

Bright Data Affiliate Program is the world's #1 Web data collection company, providing access to: data sets, automated data collection and data extraction and management tools, and a unique agent infrastructure. Making money is easy when you advertise the industry leader in data collection and business brokerage solutions.

Bright Data Affiliate Program Inc is the world's #1 web data platform. Fortune 500 companies, academic institutions and small businesses rely on Bright Data's solutions to retrieve critical public Web data in the most efficient, reliable and flexible way so they can research, monitor, analyze data and make better decisions.

The platform is used globally by more than 15,000 customers in virtually every industry. Bright Data Affiliate Program users love it because they offer them a cost-effective way to perform large-scale, fast, consistent public Web data collection, easy conversion of unstructured data into structured data and a superior customer experience, all while being completely transparent and compliant. They believe that making public Web data easily accessible is critical to keeping the marketplace open and competitive for the benefit of all.

Next Generation Proprietary Technology

With more than 2,200 issued patent statements, Bright Data offers unique and unparalleled technology to its trusted partners. One of our key developments is an SDK installed by the application owner that enables users to actively and voluntarily opt-in to their peers of their own volition. In return, both parties are fairly compensated, making it one of the only collaborative digital networks of its kind.

Increase your revenue as a Bright Data member

It's easy to make money when you advertise the industry leader in data collection and business brokerage solutions.

Choose the referral program that's right for you


An individual or company that runs online campaigns to attract new customers.

Introduce a friend

Refer a new customer and once they have deposited and used $250 in their account, you will both receive a $500 credit.

Channel Partners

Agencies and companies focused on software distribution worldwide.

Technology Partners

Technology and product companies seeking to collaborate and drive mutual growth.

Strategic Alliances

Global systems integrators, large management consulting firms and value-added resellers (VARS).

Responsible data collection

Being ethical, legally compliant (GDPR and CCPA) and protecting the network are our top priorities. It is for this reason that all peers, partners and clients are thoroughly vetted, while the network is constantly monitored by automated and manual checks in addition to external audits.

Data Leadership

The global team is driven by leading data experts who provide 24/7 access to care, support and innovation for our clients. These women and men work hard every day to build a more transparent, unbiased network.

Join: A Culture of Getting Things Done

The customer-centric value-centered culture and transparent company DNA can be summed up in three words: "Getting things done. They believe that real value is created by real-world, hands-on actions, not the pursuit of perfection. This approach has led to brighter results and industry-leading achievements for our clients.

But don't let our pragmatic approach delay you, because we believe in.


That's why we hire an in-house chef to create healthy and delicious meals every day.


That's why they provide the best equipment for their employees.


That's why all employees are welcome to bring their furry friends to work and let dog walkers take care of them.


That's why we hire only the most talented people in their fields from around the world.

Bright data tokens

Bright Data tokens are a secure way to replace your email address and cryptocurrency when sending requests to Bright Data using the API method. You can view the different types of API commands and token types in the API documentation section Note – Once an API token is generated, it will be displayed once. Please copy the API token to a safe location. If the API token is lost, you can always refresh to a new token in the Bright Data Control Panel

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