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This week's guest on the Caldano SPO column is an equity mining pool that aims to better engage with the Caldano community and try to get a foothold on the road to financial freedom: [TREK].

Last week's guest was a share mining pool launched in late February to help refugees from Ukraine.

This program is the reference point for everything Cardano, and we will be inviting equity pool operators (SPOs) every two weeks to answer some questions and provide us with updates directly from within the Cardano community.

Considering that many of our readers are new to the cryptocurrency space, we will encounter some simple and technical questions.

Caldano SPO, interview with [TREK] CardonoSPO StakeTREK Caldano SPO [TREK] is also the world's mobile earth node operator

Hi, thanks for your time. Tell us a little bit about yourself, where you are, what's your background?

TREK is a single person operation. I (Rob) am responsible for all operations and marketing of the mining pool, including handling all social media accounts. My wife is a huge supporter and handles a lot of things offline for the family, giving me the time to work on making the mining pool more successful. We have 5 children and live in western Iowa. We have a piece of land and run a small hobby farm. I have had a long career in law enforcement and security, so using computers and blockchain is fairly new to me.

How did you learn about Cardano and what prompted you to start the equity pool?

I originally learned about cryptocurrencies (BTC and ETH) from a friend of mine in 2018. I was actually at his place one day trying to buy some cows from him. I'm a total city boy with no experience with animals, but I wanted a few cows for my new farm and he was trying to get rid of his herd of calves. In one of his outbuildings, he conducted a massive cryptocurrency mining operation. Over the next few hours, he eventually explained cryptocurrency to me, which piqued my interest. When I got home, I started researching and immediately met Caldano.

Over the next 2+ years I started buying Cardano and started pledging the day Shelley went live. After a few months of making noise for many large equity pools, I decided I wanted to have my own equity pool. Since I had no computer skills, I relied heavily on the help of some SPO friends (Amanda-DEAD and Keith-POWER) to help me learn and grow the skills I needed to run my own mining pool. It was a big learning curve and took some time, and TREK wouldn't be here without the help and patience of my friends (who I met early on in their mining pool).

What do you think about the NFT space on Cardano? Do you have any favorite projects? Tell us more about

I'm always learning more about NFT. I've missed so many great projects because I haven't really understood them.

My favorite project right now is the Mandala Metaverse. My friend Ray (GROW Pool) invited me to work on this project. The more I work on this project, the more excited I get. There is an NFT component, which is a very important part of the project, but Mandala is more about your awareness and improving the reality around you for the betterment of yourself and the world. Mandala combines NFT (collection and pledge) with MMORPGs, virtual reality simulators, comic books (Dark Horse Publishers) and more. It's a way to integrate you as a person into the game, and NFT is a way to further develop you as a person and your role as a character in the Mandala Metaverse. This sounds great and I'm very excited about it!

Another thing I'm excited about is Adosia. It's the brainchild of Kyle (FROG Pool, SpaceCoins, Jet Chickens, DripDropz CEO, etc.). It's going to be a huge project and I'm lucky enough to be asked to help. The part of Adosia I'm helping with is actually printing 3D models of actual NFTs How cool is it to buy a unique NFT (whether it's a SpaceCoins Rocket, SpaceBudz, Goat Tribe Goat, or anything else) and be able to get a physical 3D print of that item? Adosia will initially release their own NFT with the option to purchase the physical object and take that level of manufacturing and collaborate with other NFT projects in order to make physical NFTs for their customers. I'm really excited about where this can go

What role will you play as an Earth Node operator in the world's mobile ecosystem? How will they connect the unconnected?

World Mobile is a telecom company that is using the Cardano blockchain to expand its reach and enhance the capabilities of its network. My understanding is that all usage information and user records will be stored on the blockchain. Earth nodes will be used to collect data and bring it into the blockchain, just like the equity mining pools are doing for the Cardano network.

We are still waiting for World Mobile to provide us with most of the information, and we have only recently been provided with the technical specifications needed to operate Earth Node. There are still many questions that need to be answered, but we hope that World Mobile will be able to bring telecommunications and the Internet to millions of people throughout Africa, and that our Earth Nodes will be able to help make this process possible by protecting World Mobile's blockchain. If I can somehow help World Mobile protect their network so they can better focus on helping people around the world get connected, I will feel like I am doing something good for the good of others.

Thank you for taking your valuable time. Any final words? Where can people stay in touch?

TREK will announce the launch of NFT and a small equity pooling program in the coming weeks. The purpose of the NFT sale is to fund a number of small equity pools. The small equity pool program will not only provide equity to multiple small equity pools around the world, but will also encourage other SPOs, NFT projects and private companies to do the same. I am very eager to announce both of these projects and provide more details.

The best way to stay in touch with TREK is our website, email and Twitter. I want to help our Caldano community. It's an amazing group of people and I'm proud to be a small part of it. As an equity mining pool, TREK works very hard to be active in the Caldano community and to provide help to anyone who needs it.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions of SPO are their own and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Caldano Foundation or IOHK.

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