However, next week financial markets are waiting for the negative part of the basic statistics in the form of central bank meetings.

From Wednesday through the end of the week, the Federal Reserve, the Bank of England and the Bank of Japan will announce the parameters of their recent monetary policies. Record inflation is forcing regulators to take drastic measures to deprive speculators and investors of liquidity and the world economy of cheap loans.

A Fed rate hike will cause the stock market to fall, which will pull down Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Support for BTC at $35,000 will only be effective if rates rise by 0.25%. A 0.5% double-step would "push" to the June low at around $29,000 15 Bitcoin will not arrive immediately, and the Bank of England meeting will weaken the dollar, rising after the exchange rate of both the pound and the major currencies are adjusted upwards. The British regulator has the strictest monetary policy in the European region.

The Bank of Japan meeting could also play a role in the growth of BTC. Inflation in Asia is a less obvious problem, with growth drivers many times lower than in the Old and New World. Regulators will retain loose monetary policy, which, combined with positive statistics from China, will bring buyers back to the cryptocurrency market.

The ultimate trend for bitcoin will depend on events in Europe and now the Middle East. Escalating conflicts and new "hot spots" will scare investors. Any peace talks will lead to the strongest rally in financial markets.