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  • Ukraine has used the country’s cryptocurrency fund to purchase 5,550 bulletproof undershirts, 500 bulletproof undershirt plates, 500 helmets and more
  • Alex Bornyakov, Deputy Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, said the device is already saving lives in the field
  • Deputy Minister Boniakov thanked all those who donated to Ukraine
  • Cryptocurrencies play a crucial role in Ukraine’s defense process

The Ukrainian government, through its Deputy Minister for Digital Transformation Alex Bornyakov, has announced that it has purchased the following non-lethal military supplies to help conduct the war.

  • 5,550 bulletproof undershirts
  • 500 bulletproof plates for bulletproof undershirts
  • 3,427 “drugs”
  • 60 walkie-talkies
  • 410,000 take-out lunches
  • 3,125 thermal imaging systems and optics
  • 500 helmets

Via Twitter, Deputy Minister Bornyakov continued to thank each and every donor for their generosity during this difficult time. He also added that the said equipment has already saved the lives of Ukrainian soldiers on the battlefield against the Russian invasion.

Cryptocurrency assets have proven to be very helpful in facilitating the flow of funds to the Ukrainian Amed forces. Many thanks to all those who donated to the Ukrainian Cryptocurrency Fund.

Every helmet and undershirt purchased through cryptocurrency donations is currently saving the lives of Ukrainian soldiers. pic.twitter.com/CghDmXEcJG

In an earlier tweet, Deputy Minister Bornyakov noted that Ukraine has been at the forefront of cryptocurrency adoption over the past two years and that digital assets play a crucial role in the country's defense process.

He said : The

For almost two years, our department @mintsyfra has been working on developing a legal framework for cryptocurrency companies. Today, cryptocurrencies play a crucial role in the defense process of Ukraine. All this helps to raise awareness and engage people around the world. #StandWithUkraine

In managing cryptocurrency donations, the Ukrainian government works with the Kuna.io cryptocurrency exchange based in Kiev.

The cryptocurrency exchange has assisted the Ukrainian government in creating a secure digital currency package for the funds as well as the numerous NFTs that are constantly donated to defend the country. In addition, the trading platform is helping to convert cryptocurrency donations into traditional currencies, primarily the Euro.

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal earlier this month, Kuna's CEO Michael Chobanian explained that cryptocurrency donations are particularly useful when it comes to purchasing non-lethal military equipment. However, they were unable to purchase "nuclear bombs or rockets" with cryptocurrency donations that had reached $77.3 million.

Cryptocurrency donations to Ukraine as of March 12. Source, slowfog.com