The gas pedal is designed for three years of work, during which it will train personnel from 12 companies at a price of 13 weeks, prepared by experts from the three organizers of the platform.

The knowledge gained will help startups complete their products and launch payment applications in Latin America. Stellar's focus on blockchain will allow it to offer low commissions to users, while MoneyGram will provide access to international markets. 16 With low banking coverage in the region and a tenfold increase in investment in the cryptocurrency industry in Latin American countries over the past year, gas pedal creators are counting on a quick return on investment.

This news helped XLM close the week higher and return to the top 30 cryptocurrencies. Overall, the dynamics of Stellar look worse than the general market trend. Investors put the digital currency on the sidelines during the February 24 rally, which makes it likely that XLM will fall further next week. 17