Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak expects bitcoin to reach $100,000 - says

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak expects the price of bitcoin to reach $100,000. "I'm just really feeling it from all the interest," he explained. "There's such a high level of interest in cryptocurrencies."

Steve Wozniak's Bitcoin Price Forecast

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak shared his thoughts on cryptocurrencies in a Wild Ride interview on the Steve-O podcast released last week.

He began by sharing his experience with bitcoin investing. "I started out buying a bunch of bitcoins and said how do you play this new thing? How do you buy things online? I conquered that. How do you buy something in another country, how do you buy donuts in another country? How do you find an ATM that can handle your bitcoins? I wanted to try and learn it all," the Apple co-founder described, adding.

Then bitcoin went way up. Well, I was so scared that I sold all my bitcoins except for one.

Wozniak explained that his aim was "to have enough stuff to play with, to experiment, but not to make money." However, "it went up twice and made money," he noted.

Apple co-founder continues to make predictions about the price of Bitcoin:.

Just recently, I think Bitcoin will reach $100,000.

I just don't know where you get that feeling from," he explained. I can't take any of the math into account. I just really feel it from all the interest. There's such a high interest in cryptocurrencies."

Wozniak further revealed that he recently "invested a significant amount of money" in an online wallet of the Nasdaq-listed cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase. "It's almost, it's right where it is now. [It] went all the way up, it doubled and then it halved," he shared.

While the Apple co-founder has some money in Bitcoin, he explained that he is not an investor.

"I don't invest," he says. "I've never invested in stocks in my life. I've never used Apple Stock on my iPhone. ever. Because why? It fits my formula for happiness." He believes.

I find that my mind reaches a place of peace where it doesn’t worry about everything going up and down like an intraday trader would.

Wozniak has had some good things to say about bitcoin in the past. Last week, he said that Bitcoin is the only cryptocurrency that is "pure gold math. Last July, he said Bitcoin was a "mathematical miracle.

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