According to analysts, 10% of the ethereum cryptocurrency is now in a frozen state of deposit contracts.

About 10 billion ETH worth more than $26 billion have been temporarily removed from circulation. The second most important cryptocurrency passed this milestone 14 months after mining the ETH 2.0 Genesis block on December 1, 2020.

After the network switches to PoS mining, the verifiers in the network will be able to receive a reward for the funds deposited into the deposit contract. They will start profiting from pledges. If Network 2.0 will be running in June, this will temporarily happen in December 2022.

Recall that verifiers currently earn 4.8% per year in the Ether cryptocurrency, but are not yet able to withdraw it. They will be able to withdraw the rising rewards at the end of this year.

In June, rewards for ETH miners who mine blocks will also be removed. Now they receive about 13,000 coins a day, worth $ 34 million. Each month, they are holding an additional round of $1.2 billion. After June 2022, miners will have to move to other digital assets.

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