Fantom is a network that was launched about 2 years ago. Although the market was corrected twice, on December 4, 2021 and January 20, 2022, the Fantom ecosystem was not affected too much, indicating that investors are positive about the network.

However, many investors miss out on programs like TOMB, as this program now has many documents specifying how it works, and we won't go into them again. Instead, in this article, we will explain a program with more growth potential than Tomb, and it is SHARKFI Finance.

What is SHARKFI Finance?

SHARKFI Finance is one of the first algorithmic stable coins in the Fantom ecosystem, linked to the price of 1 FTM token through a mint tax. In the SHARKFI Finance ecosystem, three tokens were built to support each other in the development process: $SAFI, $FSHARE and $FBOND. Among them, $SAFI and $FBOND are two tokens that are maintained at a stable price level by an intelligent algorithm. The algorithm pegs the price of $SAFI to the price of $FTM, which means that the algorithm automatically takes steps to maintain the price of $SAFI close to the price of $FTM. The price of $FBOND is specified to be equal to the market price of $SAFI.

$FSHARE – Token has great potential to surpass $BTC in the future

In the SHARKFI Finance ecosystem, there are three tokens. These tokens interact with each other to keep the price stable, and this interaction is done entirely by intelligent algorithms. Now, let's take a closer look at the ecosystem.

The $SAFI token is a stable coin tied to the price of 1 FTM token. The supply adjustment mechanism of the $SAFIToken will increase or decrease depending on the price of the FTM token. However, this algorithmic model will keep $SAFI at the FTM price, which does not mean that the $SAFI price will always be equal to the FTM price, because $SAFI is not pledged with 1 FTM coin, but rather $SAFI will replace FTM as the medium of exchange in the ecosystem.

The purpose of FSHARE is to measure the value of $SAFI tokens, pledge FSHARE for $SAFI and governance. FSHARE holders have the right to vote on proposed future improvements to the ecosystem.

The role of $FBOND is to raise the price of $SAFI. $FBOND is a token linked to $SAFI. All 3 tokens are in the Fantom ecosystem.

Since both $SAFI and $FBOND are algorithmically priced tokens, it is the $FSHARE token that we should be aware of.

If you purchase $FSHARE and pledge this token, you will receive an amount of $FSHARE per day corresponding to your notified interest rate, and an additional amount of $SAFI as a reward for pledging $FSHARE.

Remember: $BTC has a total supply of $21 million, and there was a time when the price of a BTC was close to $70,000. So for $FSHARE, what is the price potential of this token when the total supply is only 70,000?

By the time you read this article, the SHARKFI financial ecosystem will be up and running and the development team will have started listing their tokens on exchanges to attract new investors. Don't miss out on $FSHARE before its price reaches $50,000 or more.

Cemetery Cycle – one of the best ways to make huge profits from SHARKFI finance


First, you must understand TWAP (Time Weighted Average Price). TWAP has a formula.

TWAP = price of $SAFIP price of $FTM

Case 1: TWAP

If TWAP is less than 1, it means that there is more $SAFI in the market than $FTM, in which case the algorithm will burn $SAFI. The way to burn $SAFI is that the investor will use the same amount of $SAFI as he bought $FBOND. Thus, the price of $SAFI will rise again and TWAP will become balanced. After the price of $SAFI is equalized, investors can exchange the amount of $FBOND they hold for $SAFI and make a profit.

Case 2: TWAP >1

If TWAP is greater than 1, you can keep your $FSHARE at Mansory and by doing so, you will receive $FSHARE. The APR of pledging $FSHARE at Mansory is impressive and you (some investors choose SHARKFI Finance to invest faster than anyone else) can get a lot of $FSHARE which has the potential to break the record of $BTC in the future.

Therefore, here we will explain the easiest way to use Cemetary and Mansory in order to obtain huge profits.

You must purchase $SAFI and pair it with $FTM to provide liquidity and pledge your SAFI-FTM LP to the cemetery to receive the $FSHARE award.

You can then collect your $FSHARE rewards (remember to collect rewards only) and put them into Masonry for an inflationary $SAFI bonus. Use the $SAFI you receive here, preferably sell half of it for $FTM, and Compound it back into SAFI-FTM LP.

What is the final step? Simply claim the profits

Note: If the price of $SAFI is higher than the anchor rate, then you can earn profits through Cemetery and Mansory in exactly the way we explain here, which we call "The Cemetery Cycle".

How do you provide liquidity for $SAFI?

If this is your first time learning about the project and you don't know what you have to do, click here for a link to a video posted by the development team that will explain what you should do.

If you don't have time to watch the video, we will put up all the steps of the video here.

Step 1: Purchase $SAFI. Step 2: Go to https://spookyswap.finance and check the "I understand" box, then click "Continue. Step 3: Select the FTM/SAFI pair and choose 50% or Balance to keep a little FTM in your wallet for gas fees and click Swap. You now have 50% FTM and 50% SAFI in your wallet. Step 4: Select the liquidity, one of the two tokens maxx, and then approve the SAFI. Step 5: Select supply Step 6: Check your LP pairs in My Potions. Step 7: Return to the home page and select CEMETERY from the drop-down menu. Step 8: Select a mining pool. Press View on SAFI-FTM-LP. Step 9: Select APPROVE SAFI-FTM-LP from the drop-down menu. Step 10: Press +, then Max, then CONFIRM Step 11. reload the home page to check To add more, press + and select CONFIRM, to remove, press – and select CONFIRM

How to add FANTOM Network to your wallet

Fantom is a network under development, so we will show you how to transfer your wallet address to it. You will also need to use the Fantom network in order to perform transactions such as token purchases, sales, and exchanges in the SHARKFI Finance ecosystem.

Step 1: Login to your wallet Step 2: Select the network, then select Custom RPC Step 3: Fill in the required information as follows

Network name: Fantasy Opera New RPC URL: https://rpcapi.fantom.network Chain ID:250 Symbol: FTM Block browser URL: https://ftmscan.com/

Step 4: After clicking Save, check to make sure Fantom Opera is listed as an accessible network.

With Trust Wallet, everything is much simpler. All you have to do is click on the "Find Token" function, then search for FTM and turn it on. After that, every time you click on the "Receive Tokens" function for any FRC-20 token, you will see the address of your Fantom wallet.

How we see SHARKFI finances

The way they choose to network.

DeFi 1.0 was a volatile market, and even investors with extensive knowledge of it were repeatedly unable to predict what would happen. So DeFi 2.0 was released and really addressed many of the shortcomings of the previous generation.

The way they manage them on the shelves.

Today, by the time you read this article, SHARKFI Finance will have successfully appeared on several different trading platforms and gained a large number of investors. Shortly after the project's launch, the development team did not disappoint investors when they announced that their two main tokens, $SAFI and $FSHARE, were available on Coinmarketcap.


Through this article, we hope that our readers will gain a better understanding of the project and be able to make informed decisions in investing in it for profit. We are very grateful for the efforts demonstrated by the SHARKFI Finance development team in terms of token potential.

For more information on these links.

Link to their telegraph channel: https://t.me/SharkFi_Official_Channel Link to their telegraph group: https://t.me/SharkFi_Official_Group Link to their Twitter feed at https://twitter.com/SharkFi_Finance Link to their website: https://sharkfi.finance/