Service on this route was suspended due to a significant rise in the coronavirus pandemic in March 2021. Earlier this week, Aer Lingus resumed nonstop flights from Shannon Airport to New York's JFK International Airport and Boston's Logan International Airport. The initiative marks a return connection from the Irish city to the northeastern United States after two years.

Earlier this year, Aer Lingus was said to be planning a record number of flights to North America this summer. It is gearing up for 7,782 flights to the United States and Canada. This represents a 10.9 percent increase compared to summer 2019. In total, there will be 14 direct transatlantic routes. Interestingly, the Airbus A321LR will be an integral figure on the Shannon, Dublin and Manchester routes.

Airbus A330 Irish Airlines

Currently, Aer Lingus is keen to respond to the strong demand for North American activity. Initially catering to the VFR market after the economic downturn, it plans to increase tourism in the coming months. At the end of 2021, the airline announced one-way fares to several North American destinations for just €169. Currently, the airline's network includes.

  • Washington
  • Boston
  • Toronto
  • Chicago
  • Seattle
  • New York
  • Los Angeles
  • San Francisco
  • Philadelphia

On March 10, flight EL135 left Shannon at 13:37 and landed in Boston about 6.5 hours later at 20:10. A day later, flight EI111 was scheduled to depart for New York at 15:00 after flying for 12:55 hours. The flight also began another daily service.

The airline has been looking forward to the return of these flights.

Donal Moriarty, Aer Lingus' Chief Corporate Affairs Officer, explained in the following statement.

“We are excited to resume transatlantic service from Shannon to Boston and New York, restoring regional connections to the Midwest of Ireland and allowing Aer Lingus to once again unite friends, family and businesses. This summer, we will operate the largest transatlantic seat capacity from Shannon in 17 years. Aer Lingus customers will enjoy a more innovative and sustainable travel experience across the Atlantic on our two A321LR neo’s, which will operate from Shannon Airport and be welcomed with our unique Aer Lingus enthusiasm.”

According to Moriarty's statement, those flying over the Atlantic on Aer Lingus will receive free meals and beverages, WiFi, and hours of in-flight entertainment in the cabin. In addition, they can take advantage of pre-clearance services from U.S. Customs prior to departure from Shannon.

Irish Airlines Aircraft Airbus A320 Landing

With a large Irish diaspora, it is not surprising that Aer Lingus is keen to restore service from Shannon to Boston. However, it's not just Ireland's flagship airline that acknowledges the possibility of a city in the Northeast. United Airlines recently launched a new Boston service from London's Heathrow Airport. Meanwhile, companies like ITA have confirmed operations to the destination.

It's been a busy month for Aer Lingus in terms of restarting flights. Aer Lingus Regional is also relaunching its Belfast City service to Birmingham, starting March 24. Overall, it's been a tough couple of years for the company.

The airline's operations have been affected by domestic and international restrictions and its transatlantic business has been hit hard as a result. As a result, Aer Lingus will now look for a brighter and more interesting outlook in 2022, mainly because some of its most popular routes are returning and increasing capacity.