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Vyking, which brings augmented reality (AR) to major fashion brands, today announced the launch of flex, the next generation of its digital fashion AR app.

With flex, creators, artists and brands can develop and distribute digital fashion collections as NFTs. They can be displayed and stored in AR, allowing consumers to enjoy their digital fashion collections.

SXSW 2022 visitors will experience the flex app at the "flex sneaker store". flex will be launched at the Block/Space show presented by Tezos (XTZ/USD).

A giant leap

The launch of flex is a giant leap forward in the digital fashion revolution. It combines cutting-edge AR technology with true digital ownership. flex introduces a new ownership paradigm for digital fashion by allowing creators, artists and brands to cast digital fashion collections as NFT.

flex brings this ownership to life using Vyking's proprietary, industry-leading AR try-on technology, displaying items in images that can be shared on social media on Instagram.

Thibault Marion de Procé, co-founder and Chief Product Officer of Vyking, commented.

The world around us is rapidly changing as the pace of culture continues to keep pace with the pace of technology. We at Vyking see a unique opportunity to leverage our proven AR technology to integrate leading brands’ AR experiences into user- and creator-centric apps that combine true ownership and AR with the ever-expanding world of digital fashion. flex is a game changer in digital fashion and we are excited to play a role in bringing this creative revolution to life.

Adidas, Crocs and other companies have adopted Vyking technology

flex's parent company, Vyking, is known for its proprietary AR and 3D technologies, which have been implemented by brands such as Adidas, Louis Vuitton and Crocs. They intend to shape the next evolution of culture and retail by bringing together creativity, 3D design, AR and blockchain to engage creators and global brands.

de Procé adds.

We’ve been working with augmented reality for years, and for us it’s the best way to enhance the people and places around us, adding layers of art and function to the human experience. Just as the clothes you wear in real life tell the story of who you are and how you feel, digital fashion will be represented in the virtual world.

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