Productivity is an asset of ever-increasing value for the obvious reason that the digital sphere is increasingly decentralizing attention. People have become so accustomed to technologies that they don't realize how they undermine productivity.

Every day, we are constantly bombarded with information from a variety of sources. We encounter a never-ending list of ads, videos, promotions, advice or news clips every day, all vying for our attention.

There is no doubt that in the current digital age, it is clear that human attention is a valuable asset. With so much data at our fingertips, we need a filter to capture our attention to eliminate the unimportant data while retaining critical information and facilitating productive interactions.

This is where Paysenger comes in.

What is Paysenger?

Paysenger is a communication realisation service based on blockchain technology. It enables users to increase awareness of their messages by capturing the attention of the recipient. With it, users can connect with experts, celebrities or media personalities and start an exchange via chat, meeting or video with just a few clicks.

Paysenger takes it a step further with its Non-Replaceable Token (NFT) integration, which allows incoming media content to be converted into NFTs. Users can save or trade these NFTs on Paysenger's dedicated NFT marketplace. The platform runs on its native token, EGO, which is used to fulfill concerns about paying, trading and minting NFTs, pledging, accessing VIP status, and multiple other platform-based functions.

The agreement has an internal repurchase mechanism and a service revenue sharing model that distributes a portion of Paysenger's revenue to EGO holders. Under this method, 2.5% of all commissions/revenues are used to redeem tokens, 100% of commissions from NFT minting are used for destruction, and 2.5% of commissions are used for NFT auction/marketplace sales.

Web Applications

The Paysenger web application recently went live and has already added over 100,000 users. The program successfully raised an impressive $2 million in its strategic and seed funding round and has built a solid team of 85 professionals from a variety of disciplines, all dedicated to improving the product, launching the mobile app and attracting new users.

As part of Paysenger's ambitious future plans, a Tokensoft pre-sale is scheduled for April 6, 2022, while a license-free crowdfunding program (IDO) will launch in the summer. The former will make EGO the first Coinan smartchain token on Tokensoft.

The team is working to launch their mobile app to attract 5 million new users. Paysenger is also a platinum sponsor of Cryptocurrency Expo 2022 and will be co-hosting another event, the World Blockchain Summit, with other top blockchain projects.

Offering seamless transactions with influencers, celebrities or experts, the platform is designed to attract millions of internet users and fans who want to transact directly with their favorite celebrities and create unique advertising channels for businesses. The simplicity of the Paysenger communications solution focuses on democratizing blockchain technology and expanding its accessibility to a wider audience.

The project aims to create a collaborative environment where everyone can monetize their attention and communicate effectively with whomever they want, with Paysenger's EGO serving as a digital representation of human attention.

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