Former PayPal, Mario Mello will lead the bank's personal digital division, which also includes Safra's digital bank AgZero

Banco Safra has expanded its involvement in the personal sector, increasingly investing in digital activities and product diversification. As part of this strategy, Safra has appointed Mario Mello as head of the personal digital division, which already offers high growth and expanded service channels to an increasingly diverse and young audience.

With extensive experience in technology, having served as General Manager of Latin America for PayPal, the online payment, purchase and sales service founded by Elon Musk, Mario Mello joins the Safra team to strengthen the digital expansion of the bank personal and the expansion of financial services to be implemented from 2020.

AgZero is a 100% digital bank, without physical branches, but with many differences compared to its competitors. Aiming to achieve a customer profile as a unique brand that values simple, agile relationships where everything is solved through an APP, but without giving up the security of a solid and reliable organization, AgZero offers new experience holders any revenue for the account and does not charge any fees.

The AgZero experience includes multi-card access, personal and payroll deductible credit, FGTS annual withdrawals, Credit Life, Banco24Horas cash withdrawals, payroll portability, payments, transfers and collections, automatic debits, authorized direct debits (DDA), PIX. Agzero is a utility bank for customers who want to improve the efficiency of their self-service banking by allowing complete autonomy to solve all problems via cell phone, relying on Banco Safra's financial expertise.

Safra's personal digital business (beyond Agzero) has also evolved with the growth of more personalized digital accounts that offer a wide selection of investments in Brazilian and foreign assets and credit instruments on the Safra platform through its APP and numerous interactive possibilities.

Banco Safra understands that digital means are the key to rapidly increase the access of the Brazilian people to the benefits that the banking system can offer to society, democratizing the advantages of new means of payment, investment and personal credit for entrepreneurs and companies, reducing costs, security and quality of service.

The agency sees digital transformation and financial education as long-term guidelines because financial markets are constantly changing and the expansion of opportunities for people is permanent.

About Banco Safra

Safra is one of the largest private banks in Brazil. It operates in the personal and corporate sectors, with net assets of more than R$15 billion. The expanded credit portfolio is close to R$140 billion and the total funds raised and managed exceed R$280 billion. These figures refer to the end of September 2021.

The bank is part of a family history that has been operating in the financial sector for 180 years, with operations in 26 countries. Globally, the total value under management amounts to R$1.8 trillion. In all the locations where it operates, the Safra brand is known for its solidity, security and close relationships.

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