"This round of funding will be used for the initial development of three games and to fully encourage initial community members to participate in the games."

Mirror World

Mirror World is an AI-powered GameFi project that creates multiple games with interoperable NFT assets. This round was co-led by Alameda Research, a top global cryptocurrency trading platform, Galaxy Interactive, a top entertainment investment firm, and Republic Crypto.

Mirror World secured $4 million in seed funding in record time for the industry.

Other investors include GameFi Guild YGG SEA, Avocado DAO and Mirana Ventures, OK Blockdream Ventures, Infinity Ventures Crypto, Sky9 Capital, LD Capital, PathDAO, Lucid Blue Ventures, Bas1s Ventures, Metasense DAO, Tess Ventures, Nihil Ventures and other portfolio companies.

Mirror World will combine GameFi's global leadership in digital innovation to create a decentralized virtual carnival that wins real-life prizes.

Mirror World AI-enabled GameFi Project

About Mirror World

Mirror World is a matrix of AI-powered content in the form of virtual lives, with each game incubated by Y-Combinator.

All virtual lives can work together in all games, giving owners free access to each GameFi. After releasing 3 different game types as proof of concept, Mirror World will release a standard economic framework to connect more creators to our gaming ecosystem. Mirror World will be an AI-powered virtual carnival with a human-centric approach that offers people cryptocurrency in return.

Applying AI models to more Web 3 communities and projects for greater creativity and higher collective value has been a top priority for Mirror World. In September 2021, Mirror World released the world's first interactive NFT to better introduce the concept of dynamism and interoperability in Cryptocurrency World: Mirror NFT (11,000 in total, deployable across multiple games in Mirror World). In November 2021, Mirror World then released the Soul Chip, the first NFT interactive chip, and continues to work with many high-end projects in Cryptocurrency World to bring "intelligence" and "soul" to them.

Mirror World AI-enabled GameFi Project

Mirror World created one of the first games where assets could be shared between games. Players can use Mirror NFT to browse different Mirror World games and enjoy a variety of game experiences and genres. Current game world designs include an ARPG that combines Roguelike gameplay (Mirrama), PVP-based arena gameplay (Brawl of Mirrors) and more games to be released in the second half of 2022.

In keeping with the "GamePlay over GameFi" principle, Mirror World is working with the Tokennomics team at Republic Cryptocurrency on high game value designs for Tokennomics and DAO. These designs will provide a better gaming experience and more sustainable economics for gamers. There will also be a more open economic system to encourage and support more game studios to join the mirror world. Under the shared token system, the mirror world will be open, autonomous, self-sustaining, and exchangeable with assets.

Mirror World AI-enabled GameFi Project

Chris Zhu, founder and CEO of Mirror World, said.

“We started Mirror World because we saw how isolated centralized GameFi projects were failing to take full advantage of the potential of NFT. Initially, we will release a game matrix as a proof of concept for members to create content around our AI-powered virtual life forms. Help us build a Web 3 Nintendo powered by AI and cryptocurrency technology.”

Welcome to the Mirror World community, we look forward to your participation!

Founder Twitter: @Chrizhuu

Website: https://www.mirrorworld.fun/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/joinmirrorworld

Discord: discord.gg/XCZAsfu2zC

Medium: https://mirrorworld.medium.com/


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