• Cryptocurrency exchange FTX has announced WB Games executive Steve Sadin as head of gaming partners for its newly formed gaming business.
  • The company revealed in a press release that Satine will now handle partnerships with major gaming brands.
  • WB Games executives are the perfect fit for the position, as Satine has millions of players who have played a variety of games and earned more than $1 billion in product revenue.

In a statement Thursday, FTX revealed that WB Games executive Steve Sartain is now the head of gaming partners for its newly formed gaming business.

In a press release, the company revealed that Satin will now be responsible for signing partnerships with major gaming brands. Meanwhile, the latest investment is into token and digital asset ownership through the upcoming launch of FTX's "cryptocurrency-as-a-service" platform.

For the past decade, Sadin has launched and run free-to-play games for WB Games, a division of WarnerMedia. Sadin most recently led WB Games' Boston studio, where he launched Conquest: A Game of Thrones, a mobile real-time strategy game.

FTX also revealed in a press release that he is very passionate about collecting physical and digital merchandise, including comics, action figures, games and books.

Steve runs games that have been played by millions of players worldwide, resulting in over $1 billion in product revenue. Amy Wu, head of FTXVentures & Commercial, says these skills make Steve the perfect person to work with major game studios because he knows the players and studio heads so well and he realizes it.

FTX has also launched a $100 million blockchain gaming fund with Lightspeed Venture Partners and Solana Ventures to invest in startups whose main priority is to build blockchain gaming studios. The blockchain gaming company is well known among venture capitalists, having attracted billions of dollars in investments.

Satin has more experience in traditional games; prior to his role as Executive Director of Product and Vice President of WB Games, he served as Vice President of Product at Sega.

He further stated that it doesn't matter to them if the consumer is a "single indie developer or global developer/publisher" that employs tens of thousands of people. Their goal is to help them build and operate fully compliant cryptocurrency games that can be enjoyed for years to come.

But the project needs to be well designed and the team needs to be passionate about creating and running the game. "We're not here to support any upside and dump projects," he added.