Patriot Pup, a veteran-focused project, has announced a live NFT drop that will launch with 1,000 exclusive NFT collectibles on March 28. In late 2021, a shared interest in cryptocurrency brought together the team of patriots behind the upcoming live NFT project. The project evolved from concept to reality with the creation of Patriot Pup NFT, realizing a strong shared interest in doing something for veterans.

The three proud conservatives behind the Patriot Pup Collection NFT acted out of a shared love of country and contempt for government policies that have failed many of the people who gave the most. 1,000 NFTs were carefully prepared for the March 28th casting process, all in an effort to actively help our nation's heroes.

Fifty percent of future NFT commissions will be donated to Patriot Paws, a Texas-based nonprofit organization that has supported veterans and their families with service animals since 2006. For the Patriot Pup core team, it was important to choose a charitable veterans' organization to really make a difference.

What will Patriot Pup Coin NFT bring to its holders?

This Patriot Pup NFT release has cool perks associated with it. In addition to pledging 50% of future commissions to help wounded veterans who truly need the support of their fellow citizens, the core Patriot Pup team has also begun working on a strategic plan for Patriot Games – a politically-themed cryptocurrency game that will feature the 1st tier of NFT-exclusive utility features in the game.

The Patriot Pup Charitable Cryptocurrency Program is being relaunched on the Coin Onchain after the launch of Tier 1 NFTs. The goal is to mint all 1,000 collectible NFTs to achieve targeted charitable and development goals. The Patriot Pup team confirmed that the Patriot Pup cryptocurrency will be airdropped to first generation NFT holders. No further details have been disclosed regarding this particular aspect of the NFT launch and rewards, but new information has surfaced at the first Patriot Pup AMA. The next hosted AMA is planned for March 16 at the Coin Launch community.

Patriot Games Play 2 Earn NFT cryptocurrency game

Discussions of a P2E NFT game have surfaced, with NFT holders reportedly set to gain exclusive access to blockchain game Patriot Games. Development of the Patriot Games P2E cryptocurrency game has been confirmed and plans are already underway. Once development of the game is complete, Republican NFT holders will be rewarded with early access.

This level of exclusivity is not surprising given the seriousness of Patriot Pup Coin's mission and message and the remarkable clarity of the need to support our nation's veterans and families. The news that only NFT holders will have early access to Patriot Games will keep holders informed about the inclusion of new features.

There's more to the Patriot Puppy story

The Patriot Pup cryptocurrency coin originated due to a lack of effective support for U.S. veterans and a desire to evolve into a movement for charitable action against various global citizens. Inspired by this drive, the founding team of Patriot Pup continues to build on a movement that began as an idea to join forces with other conservatives to create a unified voice of cryptocurrency-loving Republicans who serve our vets.

The members of the Patriot Pup coin team were very outspoken and responsive, providing community members and individuals interested in the story and cause behind Patriot Pup with a very clear explanation and background insight into the true meaning of the project. The NFT, which resembles the 45th President of the United States, has already begun to create a stir, a feat intentionally planned by the Patriot team. The Donald Trump-like feature is designed to cause a stir, all for the good and support of veterans.

Next Steps and Upcoming Releases for Patriot Pup Coin

The Patriot Pup team is ready to release on March 28th. An evolving AMA schedule has been developed around extremely intense Red Party spoilers who strongly desire to take care of America's heroes. New information has emerged in the latest Patriot Pup information, which increases the anticipation of what may be revealed next. On March 16, the Patriot Pup core team will be at the Coin Launch Lounge to discuss the next steps of the upcoming launch.

A 50% commission commitment, verifiable on a public blockchain ledger, provides a tangible, transparent and measurable level of help and assistance. As Patriot Games grows, the hard-working team sets its sights on reissuing the Patriot Pup coin after a 1,000 NFT dip, the extent to which humanitarian concerns will impact public reception remains to be seen.

When people stop long enough to watch, they are sure to hear the deeper aspects of Patriot Pup's mission. More and more patriots are pouring in every day as they realize the common bond of loving their country and helping our nation's heroes. News and updates from the Patriot Pup coin can be watched regularly on the team's Twitter and Telegram communities.

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