What is BNBBack? (BNBB)

The BNBBack token is a decentralized BEP20 community-driven token. For the first time, it deploys a unique push system code on the Coinan Smartchain that brings passive functional revenue hard-coded into our contracts to the top until the maximum threshold is reached. This factor means that users or project teams built on the Coin On Smartchain network will be very secure and provide on-site rewards for long-term holders. The best part is that the tax system is part of the thrust system. It's a platform that values astronauts' monetary investment and time, as evidenced by its tagline "More Rewards". By keeping our promises, they want to deliver on them and make your investment worthwhile.

Part 2: The BNBBACK Coin is a BSC network token that provides a 5% distribution of every transaction in the BNB. BOB BACK is developing a P2E game that allows holders to earn passive income from BNB tokens, thus amplifying the utility on the blockchain. All taxes are allocated to marketing to bring the token to the mainstream through NFT, P2E game development, while the other 3% goes into a liquidity pool to provide stable tokens and passive income on the blockchain.

BNBBACK Coin Deposit Essentials


They believe the most obvious impact will be when members enter the market and decide to stay. For newcomers to the decentralized organic framework, this will be overwhelming. The emphasis is on creating an arena that builds a symbolic astronaut adventure experience while providing decentralization and passive income to entice newcomers to stay, either as distributors or arena customers.

BNBBack recognizes that by enabling this environment, we must also support the rationality of the current vertical model. The Foundation aims to be risk-free by providing a safe or trustworthy environment. The vision is to help those in need who face or are victims or targets of domestic violence, as well as those who are mentally or physically restrained or interrogated.

BNBBack Features

Passive income system

The first ever passive income algorithm takes data points for each drop and waits for the purchase threshold point until the limit is reached. This surges on the green candle every time the system starts. This is the first ever code to be deployed on the Cryptocurrency Smartchain and its new features are bound to make this token an unprecedented hype.

Highest BNB Reward

Transaction fees for buy and sell orders are sent to BNB Rewards with the highest ROI. No claims are required. BNB is automatically sent to the coin holder every 12 hours. To increase your earnings, you simply share the coin with your friends and family. The more traction it gets, the more BNB you get. Hold on to your $BNBBACK and watch your wallet grow.

Automated liquidity pools

As with almost all other coins, a portion of all buy and sell orders helps to automatically generate more liquidity on PancakeSwap V2. This is most beneficial and necessary for the long term growth of all $BNBBACK holders. We always think and care about our astronauts, who are the main THRUST investors in the lunar program.

Manufacturing Revolution

In order for the price to rise $BNBBACK, taxes will automatically increase and decrease according to its traction. But rest assured, the THRUST feature helps bring market prices to a level unmatched by any other product. This ensures the success of the coin and prevents lowering the price of the coin.

Flexible Price

Today's live BNBBack price is $0.000990 with 24 hour trading volume of $190,872. We are updating BNBBACK live to USD prices. BNBBack has declined 41.64% in the last 24 hours. The current CoinMarketCap rank is #3797 and the real-time market cap is not available. Revolving supply is not available, max. Supply of 1,000,000,000 BNBBACK tokens.

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