Ether co-founder Vitalik Buterin (V God) has written a "plea letter" to his friend Virgil Griffith, hoping that a Southern District of New York district judge will be lenient with Virgil Griffith's upcoming sentence.

Griffith gave a presentation on cryptocurrency and blockchain technology at a cryptocurrency conference in North Korea in April 2019, was subsequently charged with violating U.S. sanctions laws, arrested in November 2019, and pleaded guilty in September 2021 in a deal with federal prosecutors, and it is understood that Griffith may have to serve up to 6.5 years in prison.

In a letter to Southern District of New York Magistrate Judge Kevin Castel, Vitalik Buterin detailed his seven-year friendship with Griffith, and said he successfully convinced Griffith to officially join Ether as a developer in 2018, Coindesk reported. Buterin said Griffith was by nature kind and peaceful, describing Griffith's such kindness as "leaving a lasting and profound impact and contribution in the Ether Foundation and the community.

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"(Griffith) has also left some profound personal changes in myself over the years, and his attitude and actions have helped foster an open-mindedness and collaborative direction that guides my actions to this day, which was not present in my personality five years ago." Buterin also describes Griffth's curiosity about other cultures, which prompted Griffith to move to Singapore in 2016 and work on making Ether compatible with Islamic financial law. While Buterin does not directly link this curiosity to Griffith's decision to travel to North Korea, Griffith's attorney then writes that his trip sort of showcases "his unique and unfortunate curiosity and obsession with North Korea.

In a letter to the judge, Griffith himself wrote, "I became obsessed with the possibility of seeing this country before it disappears, like someone who went to see East Berlin in the last days before the Berlin Wall fell. Griffith's lawyer and his relatives expressed hope that Griffith's remorse would lead to a shorter sentence, and that the court would consider a sentence of two years in prison and three years of supervision, including 270 days in home detention.

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