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– Mayor Austin believes the blockchain network could be used as a system of record for the homeless. – City leaders intend to explore cryptocurrency in depth and promote it throughout the state.

Austin, the capital of Texas, intends to end the first quarter of the year with a flourish following an announcement by the City Council. The city's leaders reportedly discussed their upcoming plans to support blockchain networks, cryptocurrencies and other decentralized technologies.

Cities in Texas have shown support for cryptocurrency as an excellent form of investment compared to fiduciary currencies. As a major city in Texas, Austin dominates smaller cities such as Houston, El Paso, Austin or Dallas. Therefore, the interest shown by leaders who support cryptocurrencies is important.

Austin's leaders meet to discuss cryptocurrencies

Austin leaders agree that blockchain networks, cryptocurrency markets and Web-3 systems are good sources of investment.

Recently, Sector-6 leader Kelly Mackenzie and Mayor Steve Adler discussed new technologies and supported decentralized marketplaces. But the agents addressed the future of cryptocurrency in the state and developed their project based on the blockchain network.

The Texas city insists on adopting new technology, says Adler Steve. They could even be called the cryptocurrency trade enabler in the United States. However, Adler believes that the city needs to further research blockchain technology so that citizens can properly enjoy it.

Texas City's Proxy Announcement Shocks Cryptocurrency Fans

Long before the meeting between Austin agents took place, it was announced that the city would propose a cryptocurrency project that could be approved by the end of March. The proposal, which is based on blockchain web development technology, will be launched on March 24 if voters approve it.

Austin Mayor Steve Adler said his project will allow blockchain to be used properly while focusing on homeless enrollment programs. But Steve talked about using the network to promote a new cryptocurrency that supports the national economy.

Mackenzie is the Sector 6 leader, discussing the use of blockchain and cryptocurrency technology to provide a system of record for the region's homeless residents. She also promotes public programs to ensure Texas adapts to new technologies.

Two Texans who both have great views on cryptocurrencies, and their opinions are likely to create hunger across the state. Not only does Texas love cryptocurrency, but it is also showing itself in other parts of North America (like Miami and New York).