Agents of the Maranhão Public Ministry held a training session on cryptocurrency investigations this week, indicating that training in Brazil continues to evolve.

In a recent conversation with Livecoins, the representative of the Civil Police of Goiás, Vytautas Zumas, announced that the training of authorities throughout the country should be carried out by the end of this year. Expected that these prices have been completed, but the pandemic has postponed the meeting that is now accelerating.

Therefore, both the Civil Police and prosecutors should take classes on this topic so that every Brazilian investigative agency can investigate cryptocurrencies and the illegal transactions with them.

It is worth mentioning that Chainalysis, one of the companies that track cryptocurrencies, announced that only 1% of crimes in Brazil are linked to this technology.

Maranhão Public Ministry completes cryptocurrency survey price

The prosecutor is an independent institution that, although linked to the state, must ensure the correct application of the law and guarantee the democratic rule of law. One of its duties is to monitor the rights of citizens, public institutions, etc.

To ensure this, the public institution has prosecutors and public prosecutors in Maranhão, most of them in the capital San Luis. And through Escola Superior do MP-MA, is organizing an extensive training price on "The price of criminal investigation in the age of technology" for the professionals of the institution.

And already on the first day of the price, last Wednesday (9), the agents of the Public Ministry of Maranhão have been able to understand the reality of cryptocurrencies. On the second day, last Thursday (10), they learned to investigate with data sources

“The first class was taught by Professor Cristian Benito on “Cryptocurrency assets and new financial technologies”. On Thursday, Prof. João Bonvicino’s price will be on “OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) – Heritage Investigation Techniques in Open Source”.

Related to money laundering and asset concealment crimes, cryptocurrencies have been the subject of investigations in recent years, in addition to cases involving fraud such as financial pyramids.

Maranhão's training is conducted by a private company, and next week it will offer 90 registered MPMA members the price of another three days of training. They will also hold a seminar at the end of the month to show that they will continue to train themselves with technology to fight crime.

Regulation in Brazil

The 2022 race to train investigators is running concurrently with the regulatory process being debated in Congress. One bill has been approved by the House of Representatives and another is being debated in the Federal Senate.

In other words, Brazil's agenda is running out of time to regulate cryptocurrencies and train law enforcement officers to comply with new decisions that should soon be known.