A veterinarian sold his house to invest in the company "Faraó dos Bitcoins", GAS Consultoria, another victim of the financial pyramid scheme that the Brazilian authorities are investigating.

GAS, a company owned by Glaidson Acácio dos Santos, harmed customers nationwide, accused of transferring almost 40 billion reais after raising funds with them. To generate so much attention, the traders of the company promised a return of 10% per month from the so-called cryptocurrency transactions.

The company, based in Cabo Frio, was one of the companies that stood out in the Lagos area offering offers involving the image of Bitcoin, but other companies emerged in the area to capitalize on the reputation. In 2021, when GAS saw its leaders targeted by the federal police, several other local companies announced the closure of the financial pyramid scheme.

Vet sells house to invest in "Bitcoin Pharaoh"

Livecoins obtained a decision from the Rio de Janeiro judiciary, filed by a client of the veterinarian "Faraó dos Bitcoins", who sold her house to invest in her business.

She asked to present her case in court for free, and eventually her request was recognized, but was denied by the magistrate. After selling the property, she invested R$50,000 in the investigated company, but eventually negotiations with her failed.

"In this case, despite the claim of suffering and accompanied by the IRPF declaration, the plaintiff raised 50,000.00 Brazilian reais through the sale of property to invest in cryptocurrencies ("Bitcoin"), which, of course, does not qualify as a case of economic hardship, nor as a result of paying the costs of the procedure risk of jeopardizing its own livelihood, not to mention that its assets declared to income were R$ 210,177.71 – between the account balance and the investment – referring to the year 2021, in addition to being a veterinarian".

The process is underway in Rio de Janeiro and if the veterinarian wants to proceed with the lawsuit, she will have to bear the costs of the judiciary. This shows the difficulties that the client is experiencing, as well as the loss of investment and the lack of promised returns.

Lawyer says Gladson told him he wouldn't pay anyone until he was released from prison

In recent months, lawsuits have continued against the company, mainly because GAS Consultoria Bitcoin has no plans to refund its customers.

In a video posted by lawyer Jorge Calazans last Thursday (10), he explains to his client that he visited and talked to the "Bitcoin Pharaoh" while in prison. As a result, Gladson himself will admit to him that he does not intend to pay anyone until he is released from prison.

The lawyer also sent Livecoins a document on the planned public civil action against GAS Consultoria, which was recently filed by law firm David Nigri and requires Karazans to also sign the bitcoin pharaoh R$17 billion.

Jorge reviewed the defense of Venezuelan Mirelis Zerpa's lawyer who left the case because she found that Glaidson made it clear that there was no plan to pay the client, indicating that even those who defended the company no longer believed it.