Putting airdrops into your account can mean thousands of dollars in free cryptocurrency. However, in order to increase the revenue you can gain through airdrops, you must follow some best practices Some of the airdrops including ENS are worth over $10,000 and as seen in the video, this airdrop gives us a glimpse of the following possibilities of the largest and most successful WEB 3 companies offering tokens to early adopters Check out the table of all upcoming airdrops in the future: Check out our second channel, which will update you on which will update you with a walkthrough: the platforms mentioned in this video and possible future airdrops: So, what exactly is an airdrop? An airdrop is an agreement to send free tokens to early adopters of its platform. Basically thank you for being the first customer. $SOS airdrop based on opensea trading volume Check to check if you are eligible for any past public airdrops: #airdrop #crypto #cryptocurrency