xHashtag x CropBytes Giveaway Prizes Mining Pool Total Value $10,000 CBX Token.

About xHashtag & CropBytes

xHashtag is a 360-degree Web3 incubator, Launchpad and gas pedal focused on two main areas: fostering community growth through targeted incentive campaigns, and channeling necessary liquidity and funding through discounted bond sales and single asset pledges. $ XTAG is a utility token for DAO governance on the platform. xHashtag appears in the The Telegraph .

CropBytes is a business game based on real-world agriculture. You can Play Games Own assets and increase farm production, or trade with other players for cryptocurrency rewards. CropBytes NFT are limited edition assets that are not only collectibles but also have utility in the game. They help to increase the production of your farm and increase your income. CBX Token is an interoperable currency in the CropBytes metaverse and will soon be available on major exchanges worldwide.

How do I join the xHashtag x CropBytes airdrop?

Total Bonus Pool $10,000 Value $CBX

Airdrop end date March 23, 2022

March 25, 2022 airdrop winner announcement and award distribution

Requirements for earning free cryptocurrency

xHashtag x CropBytes Banner Native Blockchain

Step-by-step guide "xHashtag x CropBytes Giveaway"

▪️ Win up to $5 worth of CBX Tokens for each successfully participating mining pool, worth up to $15 CBX For all mining pools ( Rules ).

▪️ Earn more income by participating in the following categories (optional).

1) CBX Pool ($2500 bonus pool) – hold at least $20 CBX

2) XTAG Pool ($2500 bonus pool) – holds at least $20 XTAG

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Estimated Value ~$10,000 Prize Pool + Play2Earn

CropBytes: 3D Trailer