WOWswap 1st Anniversary Airdrop Prize Pool Total Value $10,000 Wow! Token. Anyone who subscribes or has subscribed to the WOWswap social media community and takes advantage of WOWswap The platform will receive $20 Wow! Tokens and a chance to win the main prize – iPhone 13

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About WOWswap

WOWswap is a one-click leveraged trading and lending protocol that runs on the Ether, BNB chain. Avalanche IoTeX, Solana, and Polygon. Buy and sell your favorite tokens with 5x leverage by borrowing additional funds from a lending pool. Liquidity providers can offer stablecoins or major cryptocurrency assets to lending mining pools and receive interest paid by traders.

$ Wow! Token holders can pledge WOWs in the WOWswap governance module ( Wow Road ) for a period of 14 to 730 days and receive non-transferable xWOW tokens for voting. WOWswap has Audited by Harken and received a "safe" rating.

How do I join the WOWswap airdrop?

Total Airdrop Allocation $10,000 WOW Tokens

Referral Program $100,000 WOW Tokens per month

Airdrop End Date March 31, 2022 @ 11:59pm

Requirements for earning free cryptocurrency

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Step-by-step guide to the "WOWswap 1st Anniversary Drop"

▪️ Rewards will be paid in US dollars Wow! Tokens at the end of the campaign. If all tasks are completed, the reward will be $20 Wow!

▪️ WOWswap Developed the first smart contract to recommend WOWswap to your friends and community. Total monthly salary of over $100,000

How to get your referral link through the WOW Smart Contract.

▪️ Your income will depend on the volume of transactions generated by traders who come to WOWswap through your referral link (Level 1 referrals), their referred referrals (Level 2 referrals) and their referred referrals (Level 3 referrals)).

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Estimated Value ~$10,000 Prize Pool + ~$100,000 Monthly Referral Bonus

Opening and closing leveraged positions on WOWswap – video tutorial