Balatroon NFT Giveaway of Goons worth 1,000 free bonuses Card Pack .

About Baratron's mob

Baratron’s villains is a virtual world where players can engage in strategic battles using carefully crafted solitaire. Here, players can choose to join either the Blass or Byers factions and find the right Goon for them as they tackle the challenges presented by the various elements of the battlefield. Players can earn $ mining area The in-game currency that powers the entire game Goon Ecosystem By simply playing the upcoming Goon Play2Earn Games .

Goon Avatar NFT and Goon Bods NFT Generate GOB Token Rewards every day, as long as they are taken down from marketplaces like OpenSea and held Cold Wallet . No need to perform any further operations or spend any gas. It's that simple. These NFTs are the backbone of the upcoming Play2Earn game

How to join the mob of Baratron Airdrop?

Requirements for earning free cryptocurrency

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▪️ Exciting games, activities and contests will take place over the next two weeks. More than 1,000 Goon cards Up for grabs, and the community will be rewarded. Every day there will be Discord Events: trivia, missions, Twitter raids, etc. There are 60 packs available for purchase each day, for a total of 840 packs during the event

🏆 Total Rewards: 1,000 Packages.

🎁 60 packs per day (total 840 packs) 🎁 160 packages allocated to gleam-io sweepstakes

▪️ HODL a Continue and earn $3 mining area Tokens per day. Hold a Boulder Earn 5 tokens per day. HODL a Goon+Bod and earn 10 tokens per day The tokens will be released to the public in the coming months, but in the meantime, users can hold additional token rewards while waiting for the claiming process to begin.

▪️ In addition, users have the option to pledge $GOB and receive additional rewards to stabilize the economy or rent out their Goon NFT to other players and share their game rewards.

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