Dutch artist Dadara and NFT digital rights management platform RAIRtech have joined forces to launch a social experiment to provide immutable blockchain identities.

This social experiment has reportedly created 7.9 billion digitally identical CryptoGreyman NFTs. While physically, the NFTs all look the same, each with its own serial number – a commentary on how people view themselves in the centralized corporate world; extrapolated to digital.

Currently, NFTs create artificial scarcity by imposing "rarity" characteristics, limited collections and exclusive communities. According to various parties, CryptoGreyman NFT can be purchased for 1 MATIC (about $2.05), seeking the opposite.

"I think it's a very serious prank that rattles the cage of consensual reality and elevates the mood of the conversation. It's an experiment with unpredictable results," says artist Dardara. "No one particular NFT is better than another, and since mint prices are readily available, it will be interesting to see what value each CryptoGreyman holder brings to the table."

Featuring Greyman characters, NFT was originally created by Dadara in the 1990s, but has undergone a pixelated web3 makeover. The only unique feature of NFT is the serial number, which is given in casting order. The project is a commentary on the way government and corporate society strip people of their individuality, often reducing them to numbers and statistics, which is parallel to the relentless pressure social media exerts on people. By launching CryptoGreyman, Dadara hopes to start a conversation about the potential of the decentralized Web3 space to create a more honest form of individuality by putting users first.

"This year, the whole idea of 'status symbols' for NFT has really evolved to the point where people will spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on Bored Ape NFT or other PFP programs and will use digital uniqueness to define them. The program is much more democratized and has a very low barrier to entry," said Garrett Minks, chief technology officer at RAIRtech. "When a person purchases CryptoGreyman, the additional serial number is theirs. That number, if they choose to keep it until the end of time, or the blockchain ceases to exist, will be theirs."