The cryptocurrency market is coming back to life. It has regained its total cap of $2 trillion, up 10% in the last 24 hours. Almost all major tokens have risen with it, including bitcoin (BTC) and ethereum (ETH). However, there is still plenty of room to recover from the November highs. So, here are our picks for the 5 best cryptocurrencies to buy at low prices.

The 5 best cryptocurrencies to buy at low prices

1. Lucky square (LBLOCK)

LBLOCK has risen 6.5% in the last 24 hours to a price of $0.00609846. However, it is still down 3% in the past week despite having gained 180% in the last 30 days.

Lucky Block (LBLOCK) price K-line chart - 5 best cryptocurrencies to buy at low prices.

LBLOCK is down 37% from its all-time high of $0.00974554 set on February 17. On the other hand, it is up more than 1,000% from its price when it was first listed on PancakeSwap.

This impressive rise is indicative of the long-term momentum LBLOCK is currently picking up. Running on the Cryptocurrency Smartchain, it is the native token of the Lucky Block lottery platform, which has now added 40,000 holders. This is since its launch in late January.

Users can enter the Lucky Block Sweepstakes by purchasing tickets using LBLOCK. Ticket holders have a chance to win 70% of the jackpot funds for each ticket, and 10% of each fund will be divided equally among LBLOCK holders.

Although Lucky Block won't hold its first drawing until March 25, it's already causing a stir. It recently claimed to be "the fastest growing cryptocurrency in history" as it reached a market cap of $1 billion in three weeks.

$LBlock is the fastest growing #cryptocurrency in history 🔥

Yes, we reached 1 billion market cap faster than #ADA, #BNB, #ETH, #SHIB and all other #cryptocurrencies

LBLOCK is currently listed on the PancakeSwap and LBANK exchanges, with more listings coming soon. Lucky Block is also making fun of its own line of irreplaceable tokens, limited to 10,000 units. In other words, the growth of the platform should lead to an increase in LBLOCK's price.

Requirements for purchasing Lucky Block #NFTs 🤞

Each of the 10,000 NFTs are minted at $1,500 and are eligible for potential owners who must hold $1,000 in Lucky Block tokens 🚀

2. Cosmos (Atom)

ATOM has gained 12 percent in the past 24 hours to $31.44. It is also up 32 percent in the past week and up 7.5 percent in the last month.

Cosmos (ATOM) Price K-Chart - 5 best cryptocurrencies to buy at low prices.

ATOM's indicators show that it is gaining some significant momentum. Its relative strength index (purple above) has risen to 70. Similarly, its 30-day moving average (red) recently surpassed its 200-day average (blue). The fact that it is still rising bodes well for a potential ongoing rally.

The @Cosmos ecosystem is gaining momentum and is unique among the L1 alternatives to ETH.

It is built as a natively interoperable L1 constellation. This means horizontal scaling, with each dapp creating its own capacity. This means that assets can be moved between chains.

Cosmos is designed as an interconnected network of multiple Layer 1 blockchains and has recently attracted increasing use. In February, its total locked-in value rose to $17 billion, making it the second largest ecosystem behind Ether.

The ⚛️@cosmos ecosystem is heating up and now ranks #2 in TVL, behind Ether. @terra_money @cronos_chain @osmosiszone is currently the largest blockchain and is connected via Cosmos’ Interchain Communication (IBC) protocol. By @OFernau 👇https ://

– The Defiant (@DefiantNews) February 18, 2022

Another factor that helped ATOM was the creation of 21Shares' exchange-traded product listed in Switzerland. This opened up the market to larger/institutional investors.

1/7 Today at @cosmos. The first Cosmos ETP went live yesterday after @21Shares announced its IPO. The product will be traded on the Swiss SIX exchange in CHF, EU and USD.

– Cosmos ⚛️ Croatia 🇭🇷 (@CosmosCroatia) January 21, 2022

3. Caldano (ADA)

In the last 24 hours, ADA's price was $0.950149, up 8%. It is also up 10% in the past week, but down 10% in the past 30 days.

Price chart of Caldano (ADA).

ADA is setting up for a massive recovery rally in the near future. Although its price has been falling since September, its RSI has started to pick up in the past few days. Meanwhile, its 30-day average has started to rise toward the 200-day, indicating an impending upturn.

Such a shift will come sooner rather than later. Since launching smart contracts in September, Cardano, the ADA's native platform, has been steadily building its DeFi ecosystem. For example, it celebrated the launch of SundaeSwap, its first decentralized exchange, on Jan. 20.

Congratulations to @SundaeSwap on today’s release. Due to heavy load on the #Cardano network, some users may have to wait longer to complete their transactions.

This was to be expected with the DEX release and the massive NFT dip. Thank you for your patience during these busy times.

After years of virtual wilderness, it is also increasing its total value. $124 million, a figure that is still relatively modest but has grown by 3,000% in about a month. This growth suggests that when Caldano's ecosystem reaches critical mass, the ADA could see significant growth. That's why it's one of the 5 best cryptocurrencies we buy at a low price.

4. Gala Dinner (GALA)

GALA is currently at $0.259044 and has gained 12% in the last 24 hours. It is also up 15% in the past week and 34% in the past month.

Price chart of Gala (GALA).

GALA's indicators highlight how active it is. Its RSI exceeded 70 a few hours ago, while its 30-day average is just over 200 days. So, after a few months of gradual decline, it may be about to start a recovery.

Even before today's market-wide rally, GALA had been steadily recovering itself. This is largely due to the growth in gaming revenue. As the native token of the Gala Games platform, it has been buoyed by the launch of new games such as Legends Reborn and SpiderTanks in recent weeks. At the same time, Gala has seen various new partnerships, including rapper Snoop Dogg.

Happy Lunar New Year 🐅

Check out this new tank being developed by the GAMEDIA team …… coming soon 👀 #YearOfTheTiger #GalaGames #SpiderTanks #playtoearn #blockchaingames

Most importantly, GALA is still a relatively new token, so it continues to attract new listings. Most recently, it joined Kraken on February 25, heralding a price increase from around $0.20 to $0.2666.

There are 10 new tokens on Kraken today ⚡️

✅ $Alice * ✅$Audio* ✅$BICO ✅ $ENS * ✅ $GALA ✅ $IMX ✅$KP3R ✅ $MC * ✅ $WOO * ✅ $YGG *

5. Polka (DOT)

In the last 24 hours, DOT's price was $18.61, up 9%. This also represents a 15% increase over the past week, although DOT is still down a modest 0.8% over the past month.

Polkadot (DOT) price chart.

The technical picture of DOT is showing signs of recovery. Its RSI had been hovering around 30 for a few weeks in February, but is now around 60. Likewise, its 30-day average is just above 200 days. This suggests that the tide is turning as far as its price action is concerned.

Like ADA, DOT is another cottage coin that is long overdue for a rebound. Polkadot remains a largely promising first tier blockchain that has been hosting auctions of parallel chain slots on its main chain since late 2021. These will determine which projects join Polkadot's main network, with a tenth platform, Interlay, going live in March 11.

Congratulations to @InterlayHQ for winning Polkadot’s 10th auction!

Interlay will join [roughly March 11,2022] at the start of Lease 7 in block #9,388,800, along with the other winners of auctions 6-11. Over 11.6K network stakeholders locked in DOT

Increased use of Polkadot means more DeFi activity and, most importantly, increased demand for DOTs. With auctions scheduled for the rest of the year, there will eventually be a point where the chain has a thriving ecosystem. In fact, some analysts believe that DOT could be one of the biggest tokens of 2022. That's why it's one of the 5 best cryptocurrencies we're buying at a low price.

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