Hike launches NFT role on its blockchain platform

hike.jpg.webp Hike's Rush Gaming Universe (RGU) blockchain gaming platform has added a virtual profile display called Rush Avatar NFT, which used to be a messaging service but has recently shifted to blockchain gaming (RGU). The first round of NFTs will be sent to Android users today, with a subsequent release planned for iOS users.

Since these "launch" NFTs will be harder to obtain than other token coins, Hike intends to reward the most active users on the platform with higher-value tokens as part of the company's first sale. With NFT, you can create a digital artwork with a unique digital signature that is contained within the artwork itself. This is what makes NFT different.

As a promotion, Hike's RGU transfers any web3 asset (such as cryptocurrency tokens or (in this case) NFT tokens) to a selected wallet address for free. Following the announcement, Hike's founder and CEO Kavin Bharti Mittal said, "Players will now control their digital identity in RGU using Rush Avatar NFT. To develop a new gaming economy with users as owners, this release puts Rush Gaming Universe on the chain"

He also said that Rush Avatar NFT holders will get "superpowers, greater personalization, etc." thanks to their platform presence. According to Hike, there are eight RGU games that generate 100 million plays per quarter and pay out $50 million in prizes to participants each year. The company launched a cryptocurrency-based employee referral program in December 2021. hike's referral program allows anyone inside or outside the company to recommend job prospects. Referring a friend to the program can earn up to two ethereum tokens (Ether, a token of Ether).

Hike claims that the RGU platform can accommodate more than 100 million "non-cryptocurrency native" users on the Polygon blockchain network.