The Metashooter team is pleased to announce the first public offering of its $MHUNT token on Cardano Launchpad Metashooter is "the first blockchain-based decentralized hunting virtual world that brings millions of game enthusiasts into the community to share a realistic (VR-compatible) hunting experience."

It provides a platform for modern hunters to showcase their hunting skills and compete in contests with stunning visuals that approach reality. In addition, they are rewarded with NFT for winning trophies during hunting expenses.

Metashooter has revolutionized the hunting experience as it brings innovation across all hunter categories, from new players to veteran enthusiasts. It provides them with a platform on which they can easily trade with each other in the meta-universe.

When playing MetaShooter games, Hunter features include.

Players can participate in other bonus activities, such as buying and monetizing hunting land. They can also breed NFT dogs for sale, explore virtual worlds, build hunting towers for themselves or rent them out to interested hunters.

According to the Metashooter team, hunters will put their skills to work in exotic environments with realistic dynamics and stunning visuals that will not only make hunting fun, but will give them an unforgettable hunting experience.

Not just another hunting game

The MetaShooter team is focused on making it a hunting experience like no other. It's not just a random hunting game, but is designed to bring out the best in them, help them grow their community, and get full rewards for their efforts.

As a player-first program, MetaShooter ensures that all participants can earn passive income from the NFT assets they acquire during hunting and RNG-based play.

Public Offer

The team will begin its priority IDO round on February 28: GMT on Cardano Launchpad, followed by a public offering on March 3 at 14:00 GMT.

It provides details of the IDO and public offering, as follows.

IDO Details

  • Code: MHUNT.
  • KYC: No.
  • Payment methods: ADA, USDT.

Preferential public offering (24 hours prior to public offering)

  • Price: $0.07.
  • Start time: February 28th (14:00 GMT).
  • Ends: March 1 (14:00 GMT).
  • Token lock: 20% TGE, 10% per month.
  • Participation requirement: 10,000 KICK pledged in a locked mining pool.
  • Endorsement requirement: 10,000 KICK pledged in a locked mining pool.

Public Offer

  • Price: $0.085
  • Start time: March 1 (14:00 GMT).
  • Ends: March 3 (14:00 GMT).
  • Token lock: 20% TGE, 10% per month.
  • Endorsement requirement: 10,000 KICK pledged in a locked mining pool.

Partnership with

The MetaShooter team is pleased to inform that they will be partnering with for their fundraising campaign because of their track record in this area and the value they will add to the MetaShooter and Cardano networks.

About is a state-of-the-art Cardano-based platform designed to help raise funds and accelerate projects by leveraging DeFi innovations to provide an efficient and transparent fully decentralized crowdfunding service.

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Media Details.

Company name: Metashooter

Contact name: Šarūnas A.

Location: USA / New York

Email: [email protected]