After just 3 weeks, WonderHero games have generated over $1,200 in revenue for players, which means players are earning a lot on the platform

Games that attract players because of significant revenues are money-making games

Interest in NFT continues to grow strongly, especially in a game market where players can earn real money from their games. WonderHero, a mobile RPG that makes money by playing, has reached a new milestone.

According to the announcement, the game provided its players with an average revenue of 1,215 USDT in the first 20 days. This is a testament to the game's great profitability for its players.

In addition, it is a substantial source of revenue in a cryptocurrency market that is suffering from generally bearish market conditions.

Those mentioned high earnings come from $WND, $HON and NFT earnings. The average account token revenue is 3.27 USDT per day. In addition, the average value of NFT per account is currently $1,150.

WonderHero is the first money-making mobile game available on iOS and Android platforms that allows players to earn rare NFT by collecting heroes, weapons and equipment into RPG battles and selling them on peer-to-peer marketplaces.

A good way to make money

All assets in the game are marked as NFT and can be traded freely. In-game tokens and NFTs are rewarded when players complete battles.

To date, nearly 11,000 active users have been recorded as having executed over 1.4 million battles, with players earning a 200% ROI from the day they started playing the game.

These battles brought players $22.2 million in HON tokens and $129,000 in WND, for an average NFT sale of 51 USDT. The total volume of these NFTs traded was $2.5 million.

The highest demand is for weapon and hero skin NFTs. The most valuable weapon NFT trades for $2,000, while the most expensive hero skin NFT is $1,999. Meanwhile, equipment NFTs are currently selling for a maximum of 400 USDT.

In addition to the earnings system, WonderHero offers players many other ways to earn income in the game. The game offers a unique guild feature that allows users to lend their NFTs in a system that already has over 50 guilds using it.

In addition, the Guild offers scholarship opportunities for newcomers to help make access to the WonderHero ecosystem easier. To date, there are 54 guilds and 3,248 scholars.

WonderHero continues to grow

As the wave of people inclined to play games for money increases, WonderHero has also introduced more features for players to gain access to NFTs and tokens.

One of the major developments in WonderHero PvP Arena, launching on February 28th. It is highly anticipated.

The new feature allows players to compete for rankings on the highest leaderboards. They have five ranks, from Black Iron to Legendary. Players play in groups of 30 each week and climb the rankings to earn attractive rewards.

Players who reach the highest ranking in their group will advance to the next ranking and play in the following week. The top 100 players in each ranking and their guild names will be made public via leaderboards on the WonderHero website.

WonderHero has already raised $1.845 million through several fundraising rounds before launching on January 26. More and more people are looking to earn online income by playing games.

Play-to-earn Games also works with gamers in the United States, Indonesia, Brazil, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia and the Philippines where there is a strong interest in play-to-earn games on mobile devices.

WonderHero games are currently available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Check it out – and start making money!

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