The capital flight was caused by the sanctions war, the decision of the United States and the European Union to freeze the gold and foreign exchange reserves of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation in accordance with the principles of Iran sanctions, to which the regulator responded by freezing the proportion of investments foreigners (non-residents) in state securities and government bonds. One The most prominent of the visualizations is the strong growth of Uniswap. It is the largest DEX exchange on the ethereum blockchain and ranks 22nd among the top 30 cryptocurrencies. The 7% rise in UNI quotes is unrelated to the general trend of increasing demand for DEX tokens, and it is likely that only insiders will have access to important news at this time.

Overall, the size of bitcoin's decline can also be considered a positive development. A 3% drop in the largest cryptocurrency is comparable to the loss of the stock index, which is 5 times less volatile. The negative side has a "technical reaction" that does not change the main trend. 2 Bitcoin is still showing signs of growth before rewriting its annual lows. From the start of trading, shorts failed to realize the news potential, suggesting a high probability of bouncing off the recent support and holding at the $35,000 level.