1. Ukraine wants to implement a crackdown on Russian cryptocurrency users with mixed reactions from multiple platforms

The Ukrainian government escalated its rhetoric against Russian cryptocurrency users on Sunday, saying it was time to "target ordinary users for sabotage.

Ukraine's deputy prime minister said he asked "all major cryptocurrency exchanges to block the addresses of Russian users. He had earlier sought information about digital wallets linked to Russian and Belarusian politicians, saying the Ukrainian cryptocurrency community was prepared to offer "generous rewards" to anyone who provided information. Click to read

2. Whale Report: Deciphering the trading patterns of well-known NFT collectors

In this report, we examine the trading patterns and habits of three NFT collectors; Pranksy, Dingaling and Wilcox. on when they buy, when they sell, and how they profit from NFT assets? Click to read

3. Capital hunting virtual people: waist to waist, homeless

"Last year, I was a little sad that I didn't see Lotte at the New Year festival, but I ended up seeing her at the Spring Festival. This year in the New Year festival and the Spring Festival did not see her, the results directly in the winter Olympic debut. If you don't take Luo Tian Yi to play at the New Year festival next year, she will have to go to the United Nations." In the B-site review section of the opening performance video of the Beijing Winter Olympics Cultural Festival, where Luo Tianyi received 4.4 million plays, a fan wrote these words. If all virtual people are arranged into a pyramid according to their popularity, the small part at the top of the tower has obviously broken through the cloud of niche culture and entered the mainstream. Click to read

4. Chen Gen: Registering the trademark of "Meta-Universe" can't make the real realization of Meta-Universe

Before the underlying technology is mature, talking about metaverse, or developing metaverse business is a sign of irrational capital. You know, if you want to leverage the meta-universe for development, no company can do without the help of technology research and development to iterate the products, so as to help build the meta-universe. If there is no breakthrough and investment in core technology, it is only a matter of time before the metaverse bubble bursts. Click to read

5. Read Walmart's meta-universe and blockchain layout in one article

Blockchain technology and the meta-universe have gotten a lot of attention recently. Many people believe that finance will be the biggest application scenario for blockchain; gaming is the biggest application scenario for the metaverse. In fact, blockchain technology and metaverse can also be applied in many industries, such as retail, agriculture, automotive industry and so on. Today let's look at Walmart's layout in blockchain and metaverse and how to apply blockchain technology and metaverse. Click to read