Coinbase Pro and Coinbase are well-known cryptocurrency trading platforms belonging to Coinbase Global Incorporated.

These platforms are the largest regulated exchanges in the United States, and they provide protection for funds deposited and digital coins purchased.

But how do I move from Coinbase to Coinbase Pro?

Simple step-by-step transfer process

First, you must note that Coinbase Pro and Coinbase accounts are linked using different built-in wallets.

In addition, transferring assets from Coinbase to Coinbase Pro is easy and free.

To transfer funds from Coinbase to Coinbase Pro, you will need to do the following to get started.

Step 1 – Visit Coinbase Pro's trading page.

Step 2 – On the left side, under Wallet Balance, select Deposit and you will see a pop-up window asking you to select an asset type.

Step 3 – In your Coinbase wallet, select the currency you want to transfer to Coinbase Pro, e.g. Euros.

Step 4 – In the next pop-up window select Coinbase account as the payment method.

Step 5 – Enter the amount of Euros you want to transfer from Coinbase to Coinbase Pro.

Step 6 – Click on Deposit and your transaction will be completed immediately.

Switching from Coinbase to Coinbase Pro involves the same login, so it's easy to do.

There are a number of options for transferring cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies from Coinbase under deposits.

You can then still use your regular Coinbase to do these trainings and get junk coins to convert to BTC, but buy and withdraw at the low rates of Coinbase Pro.

You may need to refresh the screen, but it is instant.

To transfer funds from your Pro wallet to your Coinbase wallet, perform the following steps.

Important: Transfers between Pro and Coinbase count towards your Pro withdrawal limit.

So, the answer to the question is, can you move from Coinbase to Coinbase Pro?

Yes, you can transfer any part of your portfolio to Coinbase Pro at any time without paying additional fees.

You may have started your Coinbase account as a novice cryptocurrency investor and then used Coinbase Pro to trade.

But before you do, here's a review of the differences between the two.

Comparison of Coinbase and Coinbase Pro

Both exchange options allow users to purchase multiple digital currencies using fiat currencies such as the U.S. dollar and the euro.

The regular Coinbase account offers simple trading features for beginner investors, while the Pro version offers advanced options for experienced users.

This guide will first compare their security features, supported cryptocurrencies, and transaction fee structures.

We will then discuss how to move from Coinbase to Coinbase Pro.

Both Coinbase and Coinbase Pro cater to different types of users, with the former offering features suitable for new cryptocurrency investors, and the latter being feature-rich and suitable for professional traders.

While both platforms allow traders or investors to sell, buy, receive and send cryptocurrencies with ease, they are handled differently.

The following are some general and special features for each platform.

General Functions

The following are some of the features that span the two exchanges.

Free user education and cryptocurrency rewards

Both exchanges have a user education base built into their web and mobile apps, designed to help newcomers to the cryptocurrency space.

The educational resources available on these platforms focus on how-to articles, guides and video tutorials that provide information about market trends and help users stay up to date.

After consuming the educational materials, users will also receive a small bonus.

Built-in news feed

Integration into the news feeds of both exchanges keeps users up to date.

Alerts and news headlines from the cryptocurrency community are collected here from various websites.

Asset Price Alert

You can set up a watch list of digital currencies to notify you of price changes on any platform.

If you wish, you can configure the price alerts to be sent to your smartphone, or they can be displayed only in the mobile application.

Digital Wallet

They both offer secure digital wallets or hot wallets for all your assets.

The built-in wallets on these platforms have multiple layers of security architecture, including recovery phrases and biometric fingerprint logins.

Users can also use native iOS and Android wallets.

You do not need to be a Coinbase user of a mobile wallet to initiate a Coinbase wallet purchase.


Both digital currency exchange platforms allow you to seamlessly execute transactions, such as buying, selling, receiving and sending digital assets.


Coinbase Pro and Coinbase are available to customers in over 100 countries/regions, but there are trading restrictions in some regions.

Coinbase Application

The mobile apps for Coinbase and Coinbase Pro provide a similar experience to what you get in your web browser.

Coinbase Pro Features

Advanced Trading Options

With Coinbase Pro, you can access a wider range of trading options and have better control over your cryptocurrency investments.

In addition to the simple buy, send, receive and sell cryptocurrency options offered by Coinbase, the Coinbase Pro platform includes advanced trading tools such as margin orders, stop loss orders and limit orders available to users.

Stop orders allow you to avoid losses by setting a preferred sell price, while limit orders allow you to take advantage of price declines by setting a buy point.

Advanced K-line charting tool

Coinbase Pro users have access to advanced K-line charting tools such as moving averages, exponential moving averages and time-based trading views of available cryptocurrencies on the platform.

Like the advanced stock K-line charts, the Coinbase Pro trading interface displays the low/high prices within a set time frame as a candlestick chart.

In addition, the opening/closing price of each asset can be viewed on the K-line chart.

Coinbase Pro users can also add multiple overlay layers (e.g., 12-day and 26-day EMAs) to gain more insight into the performance of individual assets.

You can also access your trading history, intuitive shortcuts and order book on Coinbase Pro.

API key

Access to the API keys provided by Coinbase Pro allows other 3rd party applications to connect to your Coinbase account.

Supported Currencies

Coinbase Pro and Coinbase provide users with the means to trade, buy and sell over 152 cryptocurrency assets, including over 50 cryptocurrencies.

In addition, both platforms support the use of fiat currencies such as USD, GBP and EUR.

While the global cryptocurrency marketplace offers thousands of assets, the Coinbase trading platform primarily shelves popular and widely traded assets.

You can use Coinbase to purchase your favorite coins with a minimum order of $2.

On the other hand, Coinbase Pro orders cannot be less than 0.1 LTC, 0.001 BTC, 0.01 ETH or 0.01 BCH.

The list of popular assets supported by Coinbase Pro and Coinbase includes

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Ether (ETH)
  • Doggy Coin (DOGE)
  • Caldano (ADA)
  • Litecoin (LTC)
  • Shiba Inu (SHIB)
  • Uniswap (UNI)
  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
  • ChainLink (link)
  • Stellar Coins (XLM)
  • Aave (AAVE)

While both platforms offer more cryptocurrency assets than exchanges such as Bitstamp, Korbit and Gemini, they still lag behind some of the best exchanges on the market, such as Coinan, in terms of trading volume and asset diversity.

Security Features

Coinbase Global Inc. provides similar security features for Coinbase Pro and Coinbase as their login information is connected.

In addition, the security and asset safety standards for mobile applications and websites are in line with industry standards.

The following is a comparison of the security of the two exchanges.

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Insurance

As with traditional banks, all U.S. dollar cash balances on Coinbase and Coinbase Pro are FDIC protected to the tune of $250,000 per person.

However, the FDIC's coverage does not extend to cryptocurrency assets.

Coinbase's insurance policy covers the loss of funds due to hacking and security breaches.

Two-factor authentication

As a Coinbase or Coinbase Pro user, you are guaranteed dual authentication via the Google Authy app or SMS access.

This feature can be used on a transaction-by-transaction basis and for login.

Built-in wallet security

Both platforms use digital wallets with high-end cryptocurrency technology, including biometric fingerprint login and cryptocurrency recovery phrases.

However, you will need to set up a reliable and secure cryptocurrency for your account on either platform.

Cold storage and vaults

Both platforms also store a larger percentage (98%) of client funds in cold storage, while 2% of client funds are stored online and backed by the company's insurance policies.

Using a secure cold wallet ensures that user funds are protected from hackers.

Coinbase and Coinbase Pro also use time-locked cryptocurrency vaults that require multiple approvals to eliminate the possibility of fraudulent withdrawals.

Address Whitelist

The Cryptocurrency Address Whitelist is an additional layer of protection unique to Coinbase Pro that ensures that withdrawals are restricted to addresses that are not verified or specified by you.

Coinbase Fees

The main difference between Coinbase Pro and Coinbase is the fee structure.

Coinbase Pro has much lower fees than Coinbase and is designed with active traders in mind.

Coinbase Pro has a receiver fee and maker fee structure, which means that the more transactions you make, the more money you save.

Coinbase Pro fees are tier-based and vary with transaction volume.

The following is a breakdown of Coinbase Pro's fee structure.

Coinbase charges a 4% base fee on all transactions in the US.

However, this value will vary depending on your payment method (bank account or card), transaction type and location.

This table shows how Coinbase fees compare to Coinbase Pro.

Easy to use

Both exchanges can be accessed through a web browser or mobile app, depending on your preference.

Coinbase offers an easy-to-understand interface for beginners, making it easy for novice traders to get in and start investing.

On the other hand, Coinbase Pro has a pretty powerful interface thanks to its advanced trading tools and K-line charts.

However, for traders who are already familiar with cryptocurrency trading, Coinbase Pro offers more options for them.


If you're new to the world of cryptocurrency, the Coinbase platform is a great place to start.

Thanks to the system's intuitive user interface, simple K-line charts and built-in educational materials, you'll be up to date in no time.

To actively trade cryptocurrencies, you will need Coinbase Pro if you want to take advantage of features such as enhanced K-line charts, spot trading, and meager costs.

In addition, transferring your assets from Coinbase to Coinbase Pro can be done safely and efficiently with zero cost.

Follow our guide and you should do fine.

Frequently Asked Questions on Coinbase

Do I need to pay to move from Coinbase to Coinbase Pro?

Coinbase users can transfer your fiat or cryptocurrency from Coinbase to Coinbase Pro at any time and for free.

Is Coinbase Pro worth upgrading?

Coinbase Pro is a great choice for users with advanced cryptocurrency trading skills.

It is an excellent choice for managing your cryptocurrency portfolio thanks to its comprehensive K-line charts, various trading tools and low fees.

So, is Coinbase Pro worth the upgrade?

Yes, it's worth it for advanced traders.

Is Coinbase Pro free?

Yes, Coinbase Pro is free to register and use.

Are Coinbase and Coinbase Pro the same?

Both of these platforms are well-known cryptocurrency exchanges owned by Coinbase Global Inc. and they have several things in common.

However, Coinbase Pro offers several advantages over Coinbase with its advanced features.

Currently trading cryptocurrencies on Coinbase. What is the most reliable way to store/trade cryptocurrencies?

You can keep BTC in a freezer to prevent them from being "frozen" due to unstable conditions.

Does anyone feel the same way?

What are the biggest threats to cryptocurrency exchanges?

Government regulations on cryptocurrency exchanges could make it difficult to use cryptocurrencies or even criminalize the use of these coins.

Then 98% of the world's population won't even bother to trade through a cryptocurrency exchange.

What is the impact of war on cryptocurrency exchanges?

Devaluation of a specific cryptocurrency by its state supporters will increase the influence of that currency over other currencies, thus shaping the global market in its favor.

Why are my funds frozen?

If you see Funds on Hold, this means that these funds are subject to Coinbase withdrawal restrictions and cannot yet be transferred to Coinbase Pro.

While you can use these funds to buy and sell on (not Coinbase Pro), transfers or cashouts will be restricted after the retention period.

For more information, please visit the Coinbase help page.