Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of Ether, vows to Russian journalists who supported Russia's invasion of Ukraine. The face behind the Russian-born world's second-largest cryptocurrency wished "glory to Ukraine" on Thursday (24) shortly after criticizing Russian President Vladimir Putin's decision to attack the country, calling the move a "crime against Ukraine and People" for "crimes against Ukraine and Russia.

According to an automatic translation, a Russian journalist tweeted, "If you're embarrassed about being Russian right now, don't worry, you're not Russian."

Vitalik then responded to the editor-in-chief of Russia Today, one of Russia's largest newspapers, telling her to "fuck you" in Russian.

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-vitalik.eth (@VitalikButerin) February 27, 2022

Vitalik condemns invasion of Russia

Vitalik opposed the escalation of tensions between Russia and Ukraine, saying he hoped the Kremlin would "choose wisely" its course of action against Ukraine.

"An attack on Ukraine will only hurt Russia, Ukraine and humanity," he said.

"Whether the situation will return to the path of peace or whether there will be a war, it is not Zelensky, nor NATO, but the Kremlin that can decide now. I hope they make a wise choice."

Vitalik criticized Russian President Vladimir Putin and the invasion of Ukraine on Thursday, denouncing it as "a crime against the Russian and Ukrainian people.

The tweet came minutes after Putin announced he had ordered a "special military operation" in Ukraine and after several media outlets reported explosions in cities of the former Soviet republic, a decision the Ether creator said he was "very disturbed" by. Kremlin.

An attack on Ukraine can only harm Russia, Ukraine and humanity。

Whether the situation will return to a peaceful path or there will be war can be decided now not by Zelensky, not by Nato, not by Voeneti, not by Nati

"Putin's decision to abandon the possibility of a peaceful settlement of the dispute with Ukraine and start a war is very disturbing to him. This is a crime against the Ukrainian and Russian people. I want to wish everyone safety, even though I know there will be none. Glory be to Ukraine."

Russia-Ukraine Tensions

In another article, Vitalik says that Ether is neutral, but he is not.

"Reminder: Ether is neutral, but I'm not."

Born in Russia in 1994, the Ether co-founder moved to Canada in 2000. vitalik lived in Russia until the age of six, when his parents emigrated to Canada in search of better job opportunities.

Putin said in a televised address that Russia's military action will center on the "demilitarization" and "de-Nazification" of Ukraine. "Our plans do not include the occupation of Ukrainian territory," the Russian leader said.