Bitcoin Airdrop Prize Mining Pool worth $10.000 Polyetheretherketone Tokens to celebrate newcomers.

About Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a Play and earn NFT handheld games without paywalls Loop Games Allows players to collect new NFT By working in Bitcoin Virtual Cosmos There are 13.2 billion unique NFTs Pets There are 5 different rarity levels: Common, Rare, Rare, Epic and Legendary.

Players can earn $ Polyetheretherketone Passive income Pledged Pets Depends on the rarity of the pet and success in the competition.

How do I join the ethereum airdrop?

Total Airdrop Distribution $10.000 Value $PETH

Number of Winners 465 Random Winners + Top 5 Referrals

Airdrop end date Friday, March 4, 23:59 p.m. GMT

Requirements for earning free cryptocurrency

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Step-by-step guide "Pethereum Airdrop"

▪️ 460 lucky participants in a random drawing will receive $20 Polyetheretherketone Each token.

Ranking prizes.

🥇 One participant with the highest number of entries – $300 worth of PETH 🥇 🥈 One participant with the second most entries – $200 worth of $PETH🥈 🥉 One participant with the third most entries – $150 worth of PETH 🥉 🏅 One entrant received the fourth most entries – worth $100, valued at $PETH🏅 🏅 One participant placed fifth – worth $50🏅

USD Polyetheretherketone The tokens do not have an exact dollar value. They will use an "uncapped bulk auction" system for token distribution. Using this system, the token price will be determined after the investment period.

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Estimated Value ~$10,000 Prize Pool

Pethereum – Unofficial Video Review