CitizenChat airdrop worth $10,000,000 $ Copy to The first 100,000 participants who attend the event and engage in a series of simple social activities will receive coins (approximately $10).

About Citizen Chat

CitizenChat is a next-generation application designed for creators who are insatiably creative and aims to bridge the gap between people and systems by eliminating the physical borders of the world. Users can now seamlessly connect and interact not only with people they know, but also with people around the world who can add value to their lives, directly from their mobile devices.

CitizenChat facilitates collaboration, connection and interaction on all levels to help you achieve your short and long-term goals. Their approach helps users unleash their inner artist. Filled with fun and fascinating features, CitizenChat is a total revolution.

How do I join the CitizenChat airdrop?

10,000,000 $CC per airdrop token (~$10)

Number of Winners Top 100,000 Participants

Airdrop end date March 27, 2022

Requirements for earning free cryptocurrency

CitizenChat Banner Native Blockchain

Step-by-step guide "CitizenChat Airdrop"

▪️ The first 100,000 eligible participants will receive $10,000,000 Copy to Deposit each (approximately $10) coin into their Metamask wallet. First come, first served

**Important Note: Active users on the CitizenChat app who regularly post high quality content with lots of likes, reviews and shares will receive an additional $ bonus Copy to The coins are as follows.

-> The top 10 contributors will be rewarded with $20,000 worth of CC Coins -> The next 100 contributors will be rewarded with $6,000 worth of CC Coins -> The next 300 contributors will be rewarded with $3,000 worth of CC Coins -> The next 3,000 contributors will be rewarded with $500 worth of CC coins

Winners will be announced via CitizenChat's social media handles.

Like and share CITIZENCHAT Airdrop on your favorite SM

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Estimated Value ~$1,000,000 Prize Pool

CitizenChat – Video