Each new registered user BTC6X exchange airdrops 10,000 free $BTCX tokens (about $1,000).

About BTC6X Exchange

BTC6X Exchange Designed to be the platform of choice for new traders and experienced investors moving forward in their financial journey. The platform offers a state-of-the-art, high-performance trading engine developed by banking industry experts, capable of completing 1.4 million trades per second, resulting in breakthrough efficiency and enhanced performance and security.

Founded in 2021, BTC6X is touted as a high performance, cost effective exchange Low cost . A complete analysis of the BTC6X exchange is available at Foundico.com .

How to join the BTC6X exchange airdrop?

10,000 $BTCX per airdrop token

Up to 15% commission on referral programs

KYC KYC is not required

Requirements for earning free cryptocurrency

BTC6X Exchange Banner Native Blockchain

Step-by-step guide "BTC6X Exchange Airdrop"

▪️ $BTCX is a utility token for the exchange with a nominal value of 0.10 USDT. The type of BTCX tokens are CCH .

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Estimated value ~$1,000