Mason V airdrop worth $100 MSNV Tokens for completing simple tasks + 10 $ MSNV Each recommended token.

About Mason V

Mason Five uses proprietary hybrid AI technology that relies on cognitive transactional neural networks and long and short-term memory to continuously improve its models and maximize predictive accuracy in a fully autonomous manner.

$ MSNV is a utility token that can be accessed on the "Mason" trading service, which is already available on PancakeSwap Exchange .

How do I join the Mason V drop?

100 $MSNV per airdrop token + 10 $MSNV / Ref

KYC KYC is not a requirement

Airdrop end date March 6, 2022

Requirements for earning free cryptocurrency

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Step-by-step guide "Mason V Airdrop"

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Estimated Value ~$1.50 + Recommended

Other ICO Information

Total Supply 50,000,000 $MSNV

Blockchain Network Coinan Smartchain (BEP-20)

Marketplace PancakeSwap.Finance (V2)