Waivlength airdrop prize pool worth $30,000 Exemptions Token.

About Waivlength

Waivlength is an autonomous decentralized social media platform built on Algorand Layer 1 protocols that change the social media landscape and put power back in the hands of users.

This @AlgoFoundation Recognition Width and length As a high potential project, it can bring great value to the entire Algorand ecosystem. Waivlength is the recipient of success 250M ALGO Grant Program .

How do I join the Waivlength drop?

Requirements for earning free cryptocurrency

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Step-by-step guide "Waivlength Airdrop"

▪️ $$ for a total value of 30,000 USD Exemptions The tokens will be shared among the lucky winners.

▪️ You can view your current position in the list at any time by clicking on the link sent to your email.

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Estimated Value ~$30,000 Prize Pool

Waivlength – Interpreter Video