Animoca Brands announced that it will compensate players for all financial losses caused by the Phantom Galaxy server hack and fake NFT scam that occurred on November 19.

As a result, according to the company, which is one of the largest companies associated with the metaverse, players affected by the hack can now claim compensation through the official Phantom Galaxy website.

As a result, on November 19, 2021, hackers gained access to the official Phantom Galaxies Discord server, and although the administrator account was protected by dual authentication, the malware bot compromised this dual authentication to gain control from the server.

Therefore, after taking control of the channel, the hackers started posting fake ads and claiming that the game would launch a surprise NFT coin campaign.

They also direct users to a fraudulent Phantom Galaxies website, which is supposed to conduct minting activities. The site asks users to pay 0.1 ETH as a "minting fee".

As a result, the money was transferred to the hacker's account without the user's knowledge, and they did not receive the transaction. In just three hours, the hackers managed to steal a total of 265 ETH.


As a result, Animoca Brands has announced that players have two options to claim stolen funds.

The first is by receiving 3 NFTs from the game, in which the player does not need to execute any KYC procedure, but only needs to prove that they were hacked.

The other is a full refund of ETH. For this, affected players will need to complete the KYC process.

So Phantom Galaxy is an open world, space simulator, mech shooter, RPG. Players take on the role of space rangers piloting mechanized starfighters. These vehicles function as typical hunting Cosmos ships and can also be transformed into mechanical robots.

As the player progresses through the story, Starfighters are unlocked. Starfighters suffer durability damage and require occasional repairs.

As such, Phantom Galaxies also includes upgrades to Avatar NFT, Arena PvP, property ownership (from space stations to planetary bases and entire planets), and guild support.

The initial version of Phantom Galaxies is located on the Polygon blockchain.