Gabe Newell, founder and owner of Valve, a leading digital publisher of video games, said in a recent interview that European players in addressing the controversial decision to ban all games involving irreplaceable tokens (NFT) and cryptocurrencies.

He believes there is a lot of "illegal" stuff going on behind the scenes.

The famous American video game developer has also questioned the volatility of cryptocurrencies.

Then cryptocurrency volatility means that people don’t know what price they are actually paying.

Nevertheless, Newell acknowledges that blockchain is "a great technology", although ignoring its main use cases.

He added that those currently active in the field are usually not great actors.

Talking about the metaverse

Newell also dismissed the importance of the metaverse in another interview with PC Gamer, claiming that it is full of "get-rich-quick schemes".

The businessman questioned the novelty of the concept because he did not think it would solve any new problems.

It’s like, well …… go into La Noscea in Final Fantasy 14 and tell me this isn’t a problem that was solved ten years ago, not some amazing thing you invented.