Earlier, eBay allowed buying and selling NFTs on the site, but was unable to get the expected volume of transactions because of the inability to pay with cryptocurrency.

The company is losing market share and shrinking revenue, having been squeezed out by more talented competitors in recent years. Cryptocurrency and blockchain are among the opportunities for eBay to increase revenue if management can manage it properly.

In particular, online retailers should take a cue from the international MasterCard and VISA systems, which are in the most vulnerable position due to the clear competition with blockchain transactions. These companies are aggressively integrating their businesses with cryptocurrency startups by embedding bank cards into them.

VISA has partnered with Tribal Credit to enter the small business space in Latin America. The business payment platform will provide entrepreneurs with the ability to accept and process payments for cryptocurrency goods and services. They will be converted into national legal tender credited to VISA's name card.

Small businesses in Latin America can store cryptocurrency on Tribal Credit as collateral for instant loans. It will also be available in national currency on VISA cards.