The investment will be used to fund the adaptation of various programs to pay for hackathons and AMA conferences for startups that have been granted residency in the metaverse.

In addition, grants will be awarded to products that develop national ecosystems, user navigation. Startups will also receive additional funding related to the growth of the number of users attracted to their niche market. The government is committed to providing global support for the metaverse at the international level, providing equal opportunities for companies.

Data storage startup ArDrive has raised $17.2 million in venture capital funding as the demand for storage services guarantees the immutability of hosted files. Arweave The developers of this platform have created a new type of blockchain, blockweave, dedicated to the concept of proof of access.

The rejection of traditional linear forms of blockchain and innovative consensus ensures low cost data storage with a one-time payment of one cent per megabyte. The technology worked well when Hong Kong activists protested against China, and now it accepts a series of documents related to events in Ukraine. They increased ArDrive's traffic by 15 times.