Sexy type. Ready to double the seeds. When the famous platform CUP E joined forces and has entered under the supervision of Mr. FOX. A press conference has been held to launch It was officially released on February 24, 2022.


At the event, CEO Mr. Chatmongkol Khemophirat Mr. Fox said that CUP E will continue its platform concept of sexy and playful women. Giving a new generation of girls the opportunity to earn money through creative content. Known as the leader of the sexy platform through various activities in the fair system, Mr.FOX guarantees that there is absolutely no light.

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As for the company, Mr. FOX will be the leader of the platform and is committed to making cryptocurrency. And digital assets become part of the new era of living from Mr. Chatmongkol in association with blockchain expert development team Tokenine Company Limited to design and present the platform together in the form of Content to Earn.


Mr.FOX TOKEN coins run on the Coin Smart Chain (BEP-20) and are used for various activities. Currently there are 6 platforms available: FOXY CLUB, Sexy Idol App, PINK IDOLS App. girls love women, FITNESS IDOLS app center handsome and healthy men, MUSICBAND app musician crisis, XSTREAM ZONE streaming idol app, and playful and sexy LIVE. And it will be available on 20 platforms within 2 years, see for more information

In the past, Mr. FOX has continued to shake up the online platform industry. Both publish content monetization platforms to meet the needs of different target groups. The introduction of digital currency Mr. FOX TOKEN has already entered the world's leading digital asset exchange "BitMart". It also said that in March it will launch a huge platform for astrology enthusiasts. Under the name, including the public sale of Mr. FOX TOKEN, the second will also be held on May 5.


For professional platform operator Mr. FOX, this is no joke. In the digital age, where everything around you can be shaped into content, there are still many challenges in the kingdom of generating revenue for the people of the online world.

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