FunFair Technologies, a developer of decentralized applications focused on gaming, announced the launch of FunFair Ventures, a new program to support early-stage blockchain projects.

This latest initiative aims to fill a gap in the funding process for early stage blockchain projects. After developing, launching, operating and marketing successful decentralized applications and top 100 ERC-20 tokens, the company plans to work with partners who need more than just funding.

With its recent focus on blockchain scaling technology, FunFair has built projects on a variety of platforms including Polygon, Solana, Optimism, xDAI and Dfinity. In addition to this technical expertise and experience, FunFair Ventures will provide commercial, marketing and corporate support to all of its partners.

Last July, the FunFair team made its first investment in AwardPool, an NFT marketing platform, and they aim to add more to their portfolio in 2022.


“We are always looking to formalize our venture capital offerings and have seen that we can help early-stage startups drive significant growth and value. Blockchain is a very exciting place to be right now, with more and more capital coming into the market, and we look forward to being a part of its growth.” – Lloyd Purser, Chief Operating Officer of FunFair Ventures