Listing on the largest cryptocurrency platform resulted in LUNA and ATOM growing 24% per day.

The choice of this digital asset pair was no accident; the Terra blockchain was created within the Cosmos ecosystem, which includes more than 30 different sidechains.

Further development of the project can competitively challenge Polkadot. Currently, Terra is the largest blockchain in the Cosmos IBC system, absorbing 10% of all TVL investments and ranking second in the DeFi industry, behind Ether. IX Sam Bankma Fried, head of the FTX exchange, has opened a charitable foundation that raised $100 million at first, which the billionaire plans to distribute to projects that improve people's lives. This is not only to support medical research, but also to fund the development of artificial intelligence and education. Fried is prepared to expand his philanthropic spending to $1 billion if he finds worthwhile global projects.