Web3 Wallet with built-in privacy features Block Wallet has announced details of its flagship main web launch. Here's how it obfuscates transaction data in a seamless and user-friendly way.

Introducing BlockWallet: a secure in-browser wallet for Google Chrome, Brave, Opera

According to an official announcement shared by the Block wallet team, its wallet was launched on the main network to address the most critical issue of privacy for cryptocurrency transactions.

Block Wallet on the main website Image from BlockWallet

At its core, the Block wallet is an unmanaged wallet with a built-in data obfuscation tool. It prevents theft and misuse of Web3 users' financial data.

In its debut version, Block Wallet is available as a plugin for major browsers, including Opera, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Brave, and others. Thus, even users with basic knowledge of blockchain can install and activate it.

Blockwallet CTO Iman Hossini emphasizes that these tools are critical to the advancement and mass adoption of truly decentralized software systems.

When users interact with Web3, it poses a big risk because financial data is now attached to the user as well. When we build Web3, we shouldn’t make the same mistakes as before, but rather create a truly private Web3 experience. The launch of Block Wallet is an important step towards this goal.

Its unique toolset includes tools to obfuscate IP addresses, metadata, and transaction details.

One wallet, multiple uses: private transfers, private transactions, private betting

The Block wallet is designed to be compatible with Ethereum, Coinan Smartchain, Avalanche, Fantom and Polygon, i.e. all smart contract platforms that are compatible with EVM.

On Ether, even the address of a cryptocurrency sender can be obfuscated: the cryptocurrency behemoth becomes as secure as the "privacy coins" Monroe and ZCash.

With such an impressive toolkit, Blockwallet can be used for private gaming, secure transactions, e-commerce privacy and more. Blockwallet also supports the Ethernet domain system.