• Metaverse is a virtual Cosmos that can be best experienced through AR/VR devices, and can also be accessed through cell phones and PCs.
  • JP Morgan Chase and Co released a report titled “Opportunities in the Meta-Universe” that reveals strategies for becoming a trillion dollar opportunity.
  • JP Morgan refers to metagenomics as meta-universe economics, and therefore metagenomics is an expression of regional opportunities in virtual world markets.

Cross-border opportunities

The Metaverse is growing at a phenomenal rate as mammoths are going into space and making financial pledges and registered trademarks in this virtual Cosmos. For the Metaverse, this could mean a lot in an economic sense.

JP Morgan and Co recently released a report titled "Opportunities in the Meta-Universe" that describes their strategy for the meta-universe to become the Buck Trilli opportunity.

According to the report, meta-omics is the meta-universe economics discussed by JPMorgan Chase. The expression is used for market opportunities in a virtual world.

Imagine having an avatar and you want to change what you wear, you will be able to purchase limited edition, virtual branded clothing that you can choose from after exploring the digital showroom, according to the report.

According to JPMorgan, metagenomics is not the latest concept.

Second Life is one of the initial games to identify market opportunities. Rob Bloomfield used expressions in the game teaching price.

One of the main differences between metagenomics before and now is the growth of Web3 and the tokenization of virtual assets.

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Why is metagenomics critical?

Report address for Roblox Corps' former virtual game, Electronic Arts' The Sims, Activision Blizzard's World of Warcraft, and Minecraft, now owned by Microsoft.

Metanomics may be climbing higher mountains in numerous areas parallel to the virtual world. This may involve lease agreements, credit and pledge loans. Virtual clothing can also be used as pledges to sign pledged loans.

NFT growth and virtual ownership can be extended to other areas within the metaverse.

Ark Funds CEO Cathi Woods called the metaverse a multi-trillion dollar opportunity, while Tesla CEO Elon Musk called it a "marketing buzzword.

This JPMorgan report, originally from a major monetary institution, aims to articulate a vision of the massive marketplace for selling and acquiring digital goods and the possible trillion dollar opportunity.


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